No Words

Sunday afternoon, in the middle of working. Out of nowhere, a pounding on the door. Not an “Open-the-door-I-need-help!!” sort of pounding.

No. This is a pissed off pounding.

The door is opened and there she stands. Her voice seems calm.

But her eyes deceive her, and she is angry. She wants answers, but the answers don’t matter. Her words might have been the right words, but she feels wronged and is vomiting her attitude. She smirks without hearing, saying we are dishonest and ridiculous.

Over what?

A yard. Our yard.

It’s been torn up and no one is allowed to play in it for another month. Not our kids. Not hers.

But she’s not buying it.

She stomps back (through our yard), and her words are left hanging in the air.

Stinging, stagnant and ugly.


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  1. Wow… I’m hoping this post is fiction but suspecting sadly that it’s not. “Vomiting her attitude” is such a great way to describe her words with you, although I wish you were spared of it! Hope the neighbor gets over herself!

    • I wish I’d made it up, Jen :/

      As usual, I thought of a bajillion things I wish I’d said, after she’d left. Monday, I felt a bit of guilt, and kept replaying it all, wondering *did* we do something wrong? But as Tuesday rolled on around, and I was able to think more clearly about it, and my emotions weren’t so raw, I’m back to the realization that there was nothing we did to warrant it or could have done to make it better. We just happen to have “one of those” neighbors…

  2. Where do people get the idea that they can speak to other human beings that way? Rest easy knowing she probably feels a lot like a huge horse’s ass right now.

    • I’ll never understand it either, Sarah. I’d like to think she calmed down and realized it was an over-reaction to a total misunderstanding. But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Oh one of “those”. Yes. I know all too well. We have a grumpy old man next door… he seriously could have played a part in the movie. :) MEAN. I always end up not thinking of a thing to say when he complains (loudly). One of these days and Imma gonna finally stand up for myself :)

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