No point to this post… really…


Today, because of the heat, all schools in our county are only half-day. There were a couple of heat related emergencies at a few schools last week when some AC units stopped working properly. This heat has been so rough! It’s been relentless. And it’s so dry… all of the leaves are beginning to fall off of the trees. It’s going to be an odd, colorless Autumn.


One benefit of this heat, is that I know that I am not the only one suffering through the summer heat. Being pregnant during the summer isn’t very comfortable, but at least I can find comfort knowing that I am not alone in my discomfort! (Call me evil…)



I’ve been really working on my “Proverbs 31 womanhood” recently. Not that I will ever have her mastered… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t consider myself on top of the game when it comes to keeping my household organized. My laundry pile mocks me, piles of clutter trip me as move around my home…

It wasn’t always like that. But somewhere between child #2 and child #3, my neat-freak tendencies flew the coop. Suddenly, my husband wasn’t irritated with me because I was always on him about picking up, but because things weren’t getting done. At some point, I had thrown my hands up in the air in surrender.

But since I’ve stopped working out of the home, I’m feeling back in the game. I’m hoping it is not just me in nesting mode. I’ve been cleaning spots that have been screaming for attention and planning out my weekly menus, something I used to do for every shopping trip but somehow got away from. In doing so, I pulled out all of my copies of Food and Family. It is a free magazine from Kraft Foods, and not only is it full of easy recipes, the photos are lovely. It had been awhile since I had been to the website. The website has all of the recipes and then some. One of the things that I am loving about the site, is this handy menu planner. Answer a few questions about yourself, and it prepares a week’s menu for you and your family. It includes recipes AND a shopping list for all of the items needed for that week.


How handy is that! Even if I don’t use every menu, it still is a great starting point for my meal planning. Along those lines, I’ve also be saving all of my past meal plans and grocery lists, so that I can quickly recycle through them.


**updated to add that after I posted this, I came across these relevant posts at Raising Five: here and here)



I have really felt covered in all of your prayers, and I thank you so much for them. I have felt so peaceful this week. The Lord used my ankle to force me to stop and just listen and quiet my soul. Laying on the couch with very limited mobility gave me a lot of time to talk to Him and really pour my fears out to Him. And He has been faithful and has comforted me.


My mom arrives this Thursday, so I’m hoping on holding out until after that, but I am at peace with whenever this this baby makes his appearance.


We’ve decided that after the baby arrives we are going to have a celebration for Sean and me and the kids. Basically, it will be a celebration of our blessings and that our family is complete. I know that I could easily love many more children, but one thing this pregnancy has shown me, or more accurately, the Lord has shown more through this pregnancy, is that we are complete. I never felt it before, with any of the other pregnancies and deliveries… but this time, I’ve felt a strong impression of that. So we are listening to that. It will be a real celebration – cake, a small gift for each of the kids and just basking in our togetherness and completeness.






  1. karla!! great update. wow….where did the time go, heh? i am excited to “meet” you newest little person….

    ps my blog is fixed! ah! i have a new addy though. just so you know….

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned that Kraft website. I always mean to go try that out and then forget. With the parents here this week, I’ll need the extra help getting next week’s meals planned and shopped for!

  3. Hey, that menu planner IS handy!
    You guys should move to my town. It’s under 20c today. WE’re wearing SWEATERS!

  4. I love Food and Family. (and it’s free!) I’ll have to check the menu planner. Cute picture!

  5. Katherine@Raising Five says:

    Between #3 and #4 is where I started pulling it together more, too. Partly because I was so used to dealing with kids all day, and partly because the older ones kept getting older. But it is STILL a lot of work, no doubt about it!

    I’m still bad about planning exact menus. I do it by “theme night” (Mexican, Italian, etc) and that works, but I could definitely do better. I’ll have to try that menu planner.

    Prayers going your way for a safe delivery of your newest little bundle. So exciting!

  6. Karla, thanks for the update. It was interesting for me to read that you now sense a “completeness” to your family. And your idea to have a party to celebrate your blessings is awesome. I’m going to have to try that. Last week our ability to “grow” as a family came to an end due to my husband’s now permanent-state of his inability to produce children. His “minor” surgery has been pretty major for me to deal with. I’m sad. But for reasons I won’t get into here, it was a decision he and I made together, and we do believe it was the right decision. I’m just struggling with it at the moment, and unfortunately, I haven’t found many who truly understand how I’m feeling. Anyways . . .
    Your blog has been such a blessing to me, especially as you share about your pregnancy and the upcoming birth of your son. May God give you peace and joy as you experience the next several weeks.

  7. Karla, the party is a lovely idea! I’ll be praying for your delivery–I’m so excited for you!

    Thanks for the Kraft link….good site :-)

  8. Stephanie says:

    You have school in the summer??

    I’m excited for you and your family for your impending arrival! Praying for a safe and timely delivery!

  9. Stephanie —

    Well, we have it at this part of summer… We get out in May here, and start back the middle of August. It’s usually hot, but not this hot.

    The thing I fear is that a lot of kids are probably going home to homes that are hotter than the schools…

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