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Coffee drinker?

Ever have it taste bitter? Want a bit of flavor added?

Sprinkle a touch of cinnamon on the grounds before brewing. It cuts the bitter and tastes yummy (very subtle taste).

Works for me.


  1. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    I’ve done that! It is yummy! I usually also add a touch of nutmeg, but just a touch.

  2. http://Heart%20of%20Wisdom says

    Thats sound much better than my Grandmothers advise. She put a egg shell in with the grounds. Said it removed the bitter taste?

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  3. http://Kathy%20in%20WA says

    I love coffee! Thanks for the tip. I wonder what else you could add to naturally flavor it without adding in a lot of extras.

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  4. http://Mommy%20Cracked says

    Now this is definitely something worth trying! I love my coffee, and I think cinnamon would add a nice touch.

  5. How on earth did you find that out? I’ve been drinking coffee for eons and never knew that – will give it a try tomorrow morning – thanks!

  6. http://Susan says

    Yummy. Will have to try this with my coffee drinkin hubby. Good tip!

  7. http://Jenn says

    Glad I checked email before I made my coffee this morning! Thanks for the tip. :o)

  8. http://Thia says

    Add a sprinkle or two of salt in with your grounds and that will also take care of the bitterness without adding any flavor. I love the touch of cinnamon though, always makes me feel special…(hey, we don’t have a starbucks here)

  9. http://Melissa%20Markham says

    Great tip! Thanks!

  10. http://Lois%20Grebowski says

    Some of the best round-flavored coffe I’ve had is from First Watch daytime cafe (a killer breakfast joint!)in Naples, FL and Cinninnati, OH…I think they put a touch of cinnamon and cocoa in it to make it taste good (but not enough to really taste the ingredients themselves)… Oh I so wish we had a First Watch here in Nashville.

    Really good coffee…Oh and the breakfasts aren’t too bad either…

    It’s quite foggy up here on the hill in West Nashville this morning.

  11. http://Beck says

    It’s supposed to lower blood pressure too, I’ve heard!

  12. http://SAHMmy%20Says says

    Mmmm…cinnamon! I love it in my coffee too! Also great in hot chocolate and brownies!

  13. http://Jendeis says

    What a good idea! I never would’ve thought to do that. :)

  14. Great (and yummy) tip!
    …a drop of vanilla in the water works too!

  15. http://diXymiss says

    Just gave it a try ~ eXcellent! ThanX for the tip. It’s a keeper.

  16. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    I always add cinnamon right into my coffee!

  17. http://Susanne says

    I do that all the time which makes hubby nuts ’cause he likes his coffee straight up. ;v)

  18. yum!

  19. I will try it. Sounds great and we do have similar taste in chocolate so I trust you.

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