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See that widget over there in the right sidebar? I’m tracking my miles as I prepare for the Country Music Marathon. It’s from a great site, Check out Become a Runner or Train for a Race Online for some great applications to get you started. (I’ve also included a list of my current running tunes)

Want to know the latest news in Internet, Technology and where those things intersect with your life? I’m now featuring Daily Headlines for relevant information and news. Subscribe to the RSS on this page and you’ll be in the know. (seriously – it’s good stuff – not over your head, irrelevant stuff).

Are your kids on Facebook? There is a great guest post by Sarah (RealLifeSarah) on the Do’s and Don’ts of Connecting with Your Kids on Facebook.

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  1. I see that now – across the top! I guess if I ever paid attention to people’s blog platforms it might help me out!

    I’m still thinking about what I want. You still up for tricking out Milk Breath and Margaritas?

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