Never fear – help has arrived

So… no on has been able to guess this weeks What The photo.

Despite everyone’s cries in pain at having to press your faces against your monitors to see it, I am unable to enlarge my crop for a better view. It becomes pixelated. However, I am keeping it open for guesses, and whoever guesses it automatically, gets a new header! Can I hear a “WOOT, WOOT”?? That’s right folks. No waitin’ around.

This image has stumped the four entire lot of you. But don’t fear – you still have a chance to be entered into this months contest.


What does this have to do with it, you ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked. ‘Cause I was just about to tell you.

Last night we had to go purchase tires. That always means a renewal on our Sam’s Club membership, since they have great tire prices.

Whilst waiting for our tires to be ready, we roamed the aisles and lo and behold I encountered this gargantuan-size cocoa assortment. I figured it would be the perfect substitute for my late night out of control sugar-crazed maniacal GOTTA HAVE IT NOW! evening chocolate craving.

My question for you, is: Which cocoa do you think I opened first? AND which one do you think I won’t touch.

You gotta answer both. If you do, you’ll be entered into this months drawing for a new blog banner. (Enlarge the image if you need help reading the names on the boxes)

Drawing will be next Thursday.

(Be sure to take a peek at my LolKitty in the post below)


  1. French vanilla first and butterscotch never.

  2. crafty carolinagirl says

    I say Classic Dark first and Butterscotch never.

  3. White chocolate first.
    not touching the raspberry.

    If it were me, it would be dark chocolate first :-)

  4. imaginary binky says

    White chocolate first. Butterscotch never. Maybe?

    Also, lovely blog, lady.

  5. I say Caramel first and never Classic Dark. Hum, am I right??

  6. A Cup of Joy says

    I say never White Chocolate and you first opened Raspberry…how’d I do?

  7. French Vanilla First, Raspberry never.

  8. Butterscotch first, Raspberry never.

    Oh -wait – that’s me. :) But hopefully you too! :)

    My hubby would be all over the mint and the white chocolate.

    Wish we had a Sam’s here – Costco only. sigh…


  9. I say you did the Supreme first and the White Chocolate never.

    Just want to tell you I love this cocoa. In Canada we don’t have the mint or White chocolate one yet. We used to have raspberry (which we loved) and they replaced it with Creme Brulee’ which is amazing. We also used to have Irish Creme which they replaced with the caramel I think and we also have hazelnut in ours. Anyhoo, don’t quite know why I had to tell you all that. ;v)

  10. Laura/DaPFG says

    supreme first, butterscotch never :)

  11. you opened the dark first…because dark chocolate is healthier…and you won’t touch the mint. Or the white chocolate, because white chocolate is technically not even chocolate!

  12. Fresh Girl says

    You opened the Caramel first and would NEVER open the Raspberry.

    Oh, maybe that’s just me. ;) We have this very pack of hot chocolate mixes! I’ll tell you what I do with them…I make myself a cup of coffee and then add in about a third or a half of one of the mixes. Sort of a poor man’s latte. ;)

  13. Ok I’m gonna say you first went with the white chocolate with Madagascar Vanilla…and you won’t touch butterscotch.

    If it was me I’d either go for the White chocolate or Raspberry…and I’d skip the dark chocolate.

  14. I just met ya, but my bet is the DARK chocolate is first and the raspberry never? I am feeling psychic…that has to be it.

  15. Personally, I would’ve gone MINT first and Butterscotch never (ewwwww).

  16. Mint first (Yum) and butterscotch never.

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