It took me until I was in my 30’s to realize that the frizz in my hair was because I was blow-drying waves and curls.

Since I was a teen, I’ve wanted a gorgeous stick-straight bob. My hair always had other ideas.

I’m finally trying to play with the curls. Letting them fall around my face.


After straightening my hair for so long, it’s shocking to see the waves again.

I want to learn to embrace this hair of mine, but it’s so foreign to me.

Thankfully, I have an appointment on Wed. with my hair therapist. She’ll help me sort this out. *fingers crossed*


  1. Mine does the same thing, and I also took a vow to work with it once it gets to a decent length. Please do come back and share your “hairapy” session! I need some tips! :)

    • Hi Mandy!!!

      I went in yesterday and had it trimmed (and my gray covered) and was informed that I need some ‘product’ and a diffuser (last time I had a diffuser, was when I had a perm in 1991…)

      Otherwise, I need product and time to let it air dry. And scrunchy, scrunchy!


      It’s gonna take some playing around, for sure!!

  2. You look beautiful! :) I like it.

  3. You look beautiful. I recently realized I, too, have curly hair and it’s so great!

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