Farewell, NaBloPoMo

Fare thee well; I feel as if I barely knew thee.

All in all, it was not quite as hard as I imagined, other than the running from my nice wamrm bed at 11:50 pm those two nights so that I could get in a post at the last minute.

I will definitely be doing it again next year.

For those of you who were kind enough to ask a question for me to answer during this month, I am holding on to those for the long cold dark days of January. ‘Cause I know I’m gonna be needing some material to write about then.

My life can seem so random and I have the pictures to prove it!

It’s been a few weeks since I downloaded photos off of my camera. My camera takes cruddy photos… (A new digital SLR is on my Christmas wish list)

Here are a few random, unedited, shots, starting with our trick or treating.

Snow White and Batman; there’s a cowboy hiding back there, but he was upset that we weren’t walking out the door for candy. And Snow White was too busy dancing with the dwarfs to be bothered with having her dress ironed:

Here’s the crying cowboy:

Crying cowboy on his birthday:

I loved these (cheap!) Happy Birthday candles:

Snow White on her birthday:

Here is a photo of my photos mentioned in this post:

NaBloPoMo is here!

So… some of you were very helpful… and some of you… ‘eh, not so much ;-) (Please feel free to add on to my topics for the month — see this post for more info regarding my request)

Here is a list of 13 topics I have for NaBloPoMo, so far:

  1. How my husband and I met
  2. When I became a Christian
  3. The most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me
  4. How I became a blogger
  5. My favorite food and why
  6. The story of my husband delivering Seamus
  7. The story of Abbie and Quinn’s delivery (G-rated!!)
  8. How I’d spend 1 million dollars
  9. How and where Sean and I spent the first year of marriage
  10. My testimony
  11. Why our bank account was emptied out without our knowledge
  12. How things are going on my list of goals
  13. My plans for going back to school (yes, you read that correctly; NOT in the teaching capacity, but as a student)

Again – please feel free to give me any questions about things you’d like to know.

Help a lady out, why don’t cha

So, I signed up for NaBloPoMo… Now I’m freaking, wondering what in the world I’m gonna post every! day! for a month!

Hey, I’ve done crazier things, like that time that I… oh. never mind. I’ll save it for a post in November. But that’s just one post! What about the other 29 days in November!?

Well, here is where you, my sweet dear friends and readers come in. Taking a cue from Megan at Sorta Crunchy, I’m asking you for ideas.

I’m throwing myself out there… setting myself up for embarrassment from the possibility that no one cares and no one has anything they wish for me to wax nostalgic about, pontificate, discuss, sermonize or lecture on.

The questions can be silly or serious, mundane or philosophical (that is a direct steal from Megan’s request). Questions about me, my family, my beliefs, the color of my carpet… I’m even willing to do research on a topic (like I did on chiggers). Obviously, I’ll pick and choose the ones I like the best and that make me look good! Oh, I jest – y’all know how transparent I am. Who else has written about pin worms on their blog!

Now 30 questions does put a lot of pressure on the 2 people that read my blog… but I know you two can do it! BRING IT ON! Otherwise, (and this is another blatantly plagiarized statement of Megan’s) I’ll be forced to answer my own questions (or to copy-and-paste from Megan’s blog everyday!)

Just leave them in my comments or email me.