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For years, we have speculated that the car industry has had the technology to produce super-fuel-efficient automobiles.

"Oh, they could do it, if they really wanted to." or "They aren’t making them because the oil industry has paid them off/has lined their pockets."


today’s economy

+ the price of gas

+ the fact that car industries are starting to suffer and preparing to tank?

Yeah – that, to me, equals a big fat NO THEY DON’T. Because IF they did have that technology? They’d be producing the crap out of it so that people would be gobbling up their super-fuel-efficient autos and putting money back in their company.

Just my humble opinion.

What is yours?


  1. http://Sarah says

    I tend to agree with you. I’ve heard that American auto sales oversees were thriving,but there are so many restrictions here and the unions have them by the… well… that they can’t keep up with costs here in the US. I have no idea if it’s true. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to research.

  2. http://Jennifer says

    Not sure I agree. Don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there seem to be some definite “You scratch my back…” tactics between oil companies and car manufacturers.

    I think the business model in the American car industry was to hold onto the technology until they could (very) cheaply mass produce really fuel efficient cars. It backfired on them…big time.

    Look at the Chevy Volt. You think Chevy jumped right past the hybrid/fuel efficient concept and went right into electric cars? I seriously doubt it.

    The American car industry has been in a downward spiral for decades. Not sure why they didn’t wake up a little sooner, and I think it’s deplorable that Washington would even consider a bailout.

  3. http://Karla says

    Jennifer: Very good points (see, that’s why I wanted comments ;0) — If they are holding onto the technology, they are screwing themselves right now.

    Sarah: Yes – it may have to do more with the Unions… they do have them by the ****s. lol

  4. http://T%20with%20Honey says

    What frustrates me is that more fuel efficient vehicles are available from these car manufacturers, but not in the US. Their claim is that the engines are built in factories in Europe or elsewhere and that it would be too expensive to ship those cars to the US or to build a new factory here.
    The other claim is that these vehicles are not powerful enough for the average American consumer so there would not be enough demand to justify the initial expense.

    I think they have done a poor job of understanding the market and potential customer base and should deal with the consequences of poor business decisions. Yet, they employ so many people in the US and that is why the government is considering a bailout. If only more of that money would go to average Joe worker instead of shareholders and management.

  5. http://topsytechie says

    Have you watched the documentary “Who killed the electric car?” It is FASCINATING!! Answered so many questions for me in regards to why this technology isn’t out there yet… check for it in your local library!

  6. http://Karla says

    Yes – true – they do have the efficient vehicles available oversees. But I also think the cars there are so much smaller.

    Mercedes, who claims to be the most fuel efficient in Europe, only produces them for Europe.

    We want our cars BIG – and I don’t know that the technology for BIG EFFICIENT engines is available.

    And the thought of another bailout that pads the wallets of the big guys of the company??? UGH.

  7. http://Colleen%20-%20Mommy%20Always%20Wins says

    Huh. Not entirely sure WHAT to think about all of this up and down of gas prices – they certainly dropped a whole lot all of a sudden, didn’t they? And with no real reason…I have to in part admit I’m with Jennifer – there’s got to be something going on “between the sheets” or there would be a reason given as to why gas could be so cheap after they previously tried to feed us b.s. as to why it was so expensive…

  8. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    I think much of the technology exists or could exist if time & money was put into the issue…but there has been very little incentive to do so. We've proven that we will keep buying gas for our minivans and SUVs even though we grumble. Sure some people bought the Prius and vehicles like that but because they are smaller and because they are more expensive to support the technology they aren't the primary vehicles people wanted to buy. No one anticipated that it would reach the ugly point that it did this year. So they learned there is a breaking point for the public. And now they don't have the time or the money to develop the items needed to make the more efficient vehicles because they are tanking.

    That is my rambling, pre-caffeinated thought.

  9. http://Karla says

    Michelle: I agree that it’s b/c the incentive wasn’t there.

    I think the technology isn’t there and it is b/c of that. And now they are caught with their pants down.

  10. I think that American car manufacturers are failing not because of a lack of technology, but because they stuck with outmoded business models and over-sized, fuel-inefficiant vehicles. My husband was just reading me an article on various new automotive technologies, so it’s here already but is still so cost-prohibitive to manufacture, you know?

  11. http://Laurel%20Wreath says

    I did hear (aka Sean Hannity) that there is suppose to be a new line of fuel efficient cars rolling out 2010. I think they do have the technology but not either the resources or money or material to make the car somewhat affordable to their clients. (just my uneducated thoughts)

    It will be interesting. I have a fear that fuel efficiency is going to be put on the back burner because things are heating up in Iran/Israel/China…which power keg is going to blow first?

  12. http://Karla says

    Laurel: yeah – they HAVE to roll out the fuel efficient ones by 2010 – that is what the government is requiring of them.

    Too bad they didn’t put that ahead of requiring TVs change to digital!!

  13. http://Mary%20B says

    As a Michigander I hear lots about the auto industry. They have the technology to make more fuel efficient cars, they just haven’t wanted to. Yes it is true despite the recent drop in fuel prices.
    One of their main problems is the unions. A janitor makes $25.00 an hour. The workers make $30.00 an hour. It is way to exhorbitant and they can’t continue to pay their workers that amount.

  14. http://Mary%20B says

    On another kind of related note :) Perhaps the Ford’s should sell the Lions. Put the money back into their company and get new owners that might help them win.

  15. http://Sarah says

    And I would totally buy a hybrid if they didn’t jack up the price so high! The only ones who can afford them are the ones who can pay the higher gas prices in the first place! They need to make it worth it for the consumer to purchase them.

    Good discussion, Karla!

  16. http://Parker says

    They probably have the technology. But the executives need at least 5 years to have meetings, create spreadsheets, justify their jobs and argue over who will get credit for what.

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