My goals

I’ve been thinking of my goals and have decided to write them down so that it’s out there for everyone to see. Maybe that will help inspire me to really prioritize them and place a degree of importance to them.

Today I am going to just write them out – any and every goal, no matter how practical or frivalous. And in no particular order; I’ll do that another day. So here it goes…

My Goals (in no particular order)

  • piece and quilt 2 quilts by the end of the year (2006)
  • get website for Fruition Designs done by June 1st
  • get website for Fruition Designs out there and noticed/marketed
  • make money with Fruition Designs
  • lose the 20 #s of pregnancy weight I am still carrying around
  • join a bible study group
  • finish reading through the bible by October
  • find a local crisis pregnancy center and find out what needs they have
  • make baby quilts for local pregnancy centers
  • visit Ireland
  • visit Italy
  • visit Iceland
  • become the person God intends me to be (obviously ongoing, but maybe I can do that before I die…)
  • get my photos in scrapbooks (real scrapbooks – with cool designs and fonts and layouts…)
  • learn better photography skills
  • have a weekly date night with my husband
  • run a full marathon (before I’m 40)
  • show Jesus in me, through my actions and through my words, to the people around me
  • eat less sugar
  • be on time
  • ski Jackson Hole
  • take ballet again
  • be an awesome designer

This is my start…


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