Must. Get. Up. Sooner.

Seamus has moved out of his crib.

A few months ago we gave this a try, but after a few middle of the night fiascoes of Seamus crawling into our bed and jibber-jabbing at the same time as Declan waking up to nurse (all the while trying to keep it quiet so as not to wake up my husband) I cried uncle and put him back into his crib.

There he stayed.

Until two weeks ago, when I woke up to him in my face saying “guuuummm” in his typical mono-toned baritone.

He was also chomping on a piece of guuuummm. In my face.

I thought maybe it was a fluke, this crawling out of the crib. But the next morning, at 6 a.m., I was woken by a bag of cereal being hurled at me.


Just a moment, Do (his nickname; I know… I hope he forgives us one day. It’s actually how he says Doodle, which was what I have always called him), let me wake up.

In the meantime, Declan woke up and needed to nurse. Perfect excuse for me to take my time getting up. Unfortunately, I spent some of that time in twilight – that half awake/half asleep stage.

After about 10 minute of waiting: “Cer-all“…

Okay, Do. I’m comin’” (slowly… very slowly coming…).

I shuffle into the kitchen and what awaits me?

(oh, how I wish my sleeping brain had thought to grab the camera)

Lined up on the counter was
1) the bag of cereal (I was earlier accosted whacked smacked hit with)
2) the jug of milk (!!!!!)
3) a bowl
4) a scoop of sugar (!!!!!)
5) a spoon

So now I am faced with the reality that I must be getting myself to bed earlier and get myself up at the crack of dawn to ensure that destruction of my home does not occur while I slumber.

This boy is soooo lucky he is cute.


  1. Michelle Smiles says

    Sabrina is petite. I am really hoping that I can keep her in her crib until she is 5.

  2. Not ONE of my kids was in their cribs after 18 months, thanks to their prehensile, monkey-esque climbing skills. We are a special people.

  3. He sounds agile, resourceful, charming, and organized – a good candidate for a paper route :-)

  4. Mrs. Fussy Fussypants says

    I keep mine in cribs until 3. Yep, I said three. I have a crib tent.


  5. Kelly @ Love Well says

    What time will you have to awaken?

  6. I remember those days! I used to get up with the kids, turn a video on, lie with them on the couch, and go back to sleep.

    That was their video time for the day, and at least I got some more sleep!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  7. Totallyscrappy says

    You gotta love independence!

  8. oh amanda says

    You’re scaring me. I’ve been thinking about moving my 2 year old to a bed…

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