Muffin’s Olympic Adventure

So Muffin has been missing for a bit.

Wanna know why?

She’s been in China.

Competing in just about every competition the Olympics has to offer.

Despite her fluffy, buttery appearance, those 12,000 calories she fills up on each day come in handy when competing non-stop:

Beach Volleyball:

beach volleyball

Equestrian challenges (nice hat):


Track and Field:




and of course, Gymnastics:


In other news: Amazingly, despite Muffin’s ability to try out, qualify and compete with such rigor in the Summer Olympics, it doesn’t appear that she will be ready to run a full marathon by April’s Country Music Marathon.

Revised Goal: running the half-marathon at the very least.

For the complete Muffin backstory, catch up by reading these posts.

(photo source: The Official Website of the 2008 Beijing Olympics)


  1. http://DeniseRMT says

    Great stuff here! I stumbled across your blog via the always fabulous Mrs. Fussypants. I am Marathon Mom, too. Come visit me. We can train together! :-)

    Run DMT

  2. http://Marie says

    Here’s hoping Muffin got a chance to win a gold medal in the many olympic events they qualified in!

  3. http://Autumn says

    Haha! Too funny!

  4. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    I have to say, my favorite is gymanstics muffin! Go muffin go!

  5. http://Jen%20-%20Balancing%20beauty%20and%20bedlam says

    I would say the half marathon still sounds awfully impressive. Love the work you did on my friend, Heather’s site. I see you’re REALLY busy with your blog designs, but I think I need to bite the bullet and get her done.:)

  6. http://Abbreviated says

    Muffin better not cross paths with gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps who eats 12,000 calories/day !

  7. http://Quiet%20Mom says

    :-). I really gotta learn photoshop some day!

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