Muffin prepares for something big

Muffin updates have been a bit quiet around these here parts, as of late. Other parts of life have sidelined attempts to become a mini-muffin. But today you are in luck!

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One of the goals on my list of goals is to run a marathon before I turn 40. People! That is 3.5 years away!

So for that past 2 weeks, I have been doing some research and bugging pestering annoying have asked my husband to join me. He finally relented agreed and so a new journey begins.

Some people will wonder if I got knocked on the head. But, in all truthfulness, it’s just something I have wanted to do. I have an insanely competitive and stubborn streak. That is why I learned to shoot a bow & arrow, fish, take my hunter safety course, and all sort of other tomboy difficult things, as well as give birth naturally, knit, quilt.

So here is how things stand:

  • We are starting by walking. Gotta get the muscles reacquainted with activity.
  • Then we will work in to alternately running and walking for certain distances.
  • Eventually working up to longer distances and times.

I know it will be hard. I know I will cry. I know I will hate my husband for ever talking me into this allowing me to talk him into this. I know my feet will get blistered and ugly.

But I am nothing if not stubborn. And since I have put this out there for every one to hold me accountable on, I know that I will get there.

finishing strong

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  1. mom_of2boys says

    Good luck! I think in the end you will be proud of the work that you put into being able to run the marathon.

    I’ve started the Couch to 5K program in hopes of running a 5K race in the fall.

  2. Michelle Smiles says

    That’s awesome – good luck!

  3. I am very proud of and very concerned for Muffin, all at the same time.
    I walk the breast cancer run every year, and it kicks my you-know-what Every Time.
    Good luck!

  4. Elizabeth says

    that’s a great goal! my mom started running a few years ago and last year she ran her first marathon…she was 51! she’s running a few 1/2 marathons this year and another full one in the fall…i’m very proud of her! *elizabeth

    PS: I did ‘fight the frump’ post this week! check it out!

  5. wow you are sooooooooooo brave and motivated!!! That is pretty impressive!!

  6. Michelle says

    Congratulations! I applaud you for taking on the challenge of running a marathon. You can do it! I WALKED a marathon and a half over two days last year. I used this site to help calculate distances during training. Best of luck!

  7. Nap Warden says

    Oh my…I have tons, and tons, and tons of information for you. (I have run 6 marathons) I just started training two weeks ago for marathon #7…Let me know if you need help!

  8. You go girl. I am training for my first marathon too. I will be doing a trial with a half marathon next Sunday. If I live, I am going for the Berlin Marathon in Sept. That is just great your hubs is in it with you. My hub just laughs when I suggest running to him;) Best of luck to you, you can do it!!!

  9. fullheartandhands mama says

    That’s great! I’ve run one once and it was a great feeling of accomplishment.

    Good luck!

  10. Just wanted to chime in that I think it is cool that you are striving to run a marathon! Maybe once my muffin top is gone I will aspire to do somthing athletic.

    Keep us posted.

  11. Joy of Frugal Living says

    Good luck! I think it’s a great goal. I want to do one someday too.

    I’m just about done the couch to 5k program. From there we’ll expand and see what happens.

    You can do it. You will be so happy to have accomplished it. :)


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