Muffin goes on a Fitness Quest

My last baby was born almost 7 months ago, and I have finally come to the conclusion that a diet of sour gummi worms and chocolate chips just isn’t melting that baby fat away like I had hoped. The indentation on the couch where my bottom usually rests I daintily rest isn’t getting any smaller either…

The muffin-top has taken up residence on me. And I think it’s brought an entire muffin-top family along.

Therefore, I have picked myself up, pulled myself away from the fridge, dusted off my sneakers and have started doing something about it.

Here I am in all my muffin-y glory explaining my new regime:

1. Take a “before” photo.
Egads! There are just no words…

2. Go public with my plans.
This counts, right? ‘Cause I didn’t just post the above photo for nothing!

3. Not compare myself to others
See them all mocking me? I’m all like, “I don’t care!”… and they’re all like “Oh yeah? yes you do”. And I’m like “Nu-uh”…
Okay – so I have a bit of work to do on number 3…

4. Weight lifting 2 days/week
Feel the burn! Turn that muffin-top into something less… muffin-y.

5. Walk 2 days/week
6. Run 2 days/week

7. Swim once summer arrives
8. Bike every other %#^& day
9. Hiking with family (I’m really not that short… it’s just the camera angle.)
10. Eat healthy
hmmm… I may crawl into a corner and suck my thumb over this one.

11.Get plenty of rest
12. Drink milk
I hate milk – so this will be difficult. Does ice cream count?

13. Allow myself to indulge once in awhile and forgive myself when I overdo it.

My goal is to lose the 20 extra lbs that I am currently carrying around. I’m hoping to do it before Declan turns one, which is in August.

Muffin will be posting updates here each week.

If only I really looked this cute wearing a muffin. Do you think there is any chance they may become the latest fashion rage?


  1. http://Shari says

    What a hilarious post. I wish you the best. You’ve got less to lose than me. I’m glad to say that I’ve lost my first 10, though.

  2. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    you are so funny…

  3. http://Julia says

    I was chuckling through it all. I wish you good luck and the best to reach that goal…I know you can do it! :)


  4. http://Kathy%20in%20WA says

    Too funny! Love the pictures. Very creative. Although, I must admit by the end of your post I had a serious, out of control, hankering for muffins. :)

    Duckabush Blog

  5. http://i_am_4given says

    You are so funny!!! I love this post!!! I am also trying to lose weight, and it is hard…urgh! It should be as easy to take the weight off as it was to put it on… for some reason, it’s not that way!!


  6. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    From where I’m standin’, it appears it already is!

    Yeah, me too. I want a muffin now!

  7. http://Edi says

    I know too well about “Muffin Top”…I love muffins but not the “Muffin Top”.

    Sounds like you’ve got a workable plan though for dealing with excessive muffinishness.

  8. http://Kimmy says

    All the best reaching your goal . . . I know you can do it. Boy, if I could only follow a handful of the lifestyle changes you are about to implement . . . it would do me good. I hate milk too. I forced myself to drink it when I was pregnant. The only source I get of real milk is with my bowl of cereal, which, unfortunately, I don’t eat very often for breakfast. I like all other dairy products; I just can’t seem to tolerate milk.
    You didn’t mention drinking water in this plan, so I’m thinking you probably already have that one mastered; but I was just going to share with you what I read on another person’s blog yesterday, who too, is attempting to lose weight. She is drinking her body weight converted to ounces, in water. So if she currently weights 135, she’s drinking 135 ounces of water a day. I thought that was a cool (and refreshing) way of ensuring enough water content. She’s doing Weight Watchers, so I’m not sure if that’s something they suggested she do or if she came up with it herself.
    I can’t wait to hear your results come August.
    Take care!

  9. http://His%20Girl says

    silly, silly girl.

    I hear you on that muffin top. Those are some really ambitious goals! May you reach them and conquer the muffin top for us all!

  10. http://Cassie%20-%20Homeschooling%20Four says

    I am in the same boat. I just started a blog contest with a friend of mine to see who can lose the most weight by the end of May. We post our updates every Tuesday.
    Good luck to you!

  11. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    I was actually quite impressed by how great you looked at dinner with other night. Why do you think I asked how old your little cutie was? Yes, I was curious about him but also thinking you looked good.

    But good luck – it sucks not feeling good about how you look – especially as summer starts (she says as her butt expands daily).

  12. http://LaskiGal says

    Found you through Thursday Thirteen. Hilarious post! My little one just turned 7 months (my first) and I can share your pain!

    Is it bad though that suddenly I’m hungry for a muffin?!?

  13. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s been 10 months for me since my baby was born.

    My sister and I are starting a weight-loss/fitness accountability group together next month. Care to join us?

  14. http://Reynie says

    A new body to go wiht your new hair! Best of luck!

  15. http://Mike says

    Love it — the post and the muffin (I’ll take it if you don’t want it).



    If you are interested in a photo challenge, please join me at

  16. http://Kelly%20@%20Love%20Well says

    That’s hysterical, Karla.

  17. http://Amy says

    OH MY GOODNESS! Thanks for the laugh- I really needed that today. I have a little gadunkadunkdunk in my trunk, if ya know what I mean?

    Finally some warmer weather is coming our way so I will be trying to walk that off :)

  18. http://Missy%20@%20It's%20Almost%20Naptime says

    This was hysterical Karla. I am right there with ya with the mom-o-4 muffin top.

    Unsolicited advice: skip the milk – milk is actually not really good for anyone over the age of 2. Baby cows don’t drink milk past the age of two. Neither should humans. You just need a good calcium/magnesium tablet.

    The campaign that was put out that milk can help you lose weight – hmmm, wonder who made that campaign? Could it be….the dairy industry?? No real studies back it up. Ain’t nothin but PR.

  19. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says


  20. http://Katie says

    HA! Love the post. Suddenly I have a craving for a giant muffin!!! :)

  21. http://Nicholas says

    I wish you the best of luck!

  22. http://oh%20amanda says

    Muffin tops never looked so good!

  23. http://CC says

    This is a FABULOUS post!! I love all the muffin pics. Reminds me of me (oops! did I just admit that?)

  24. http://Gloria says

    Hey, I think ice cream does count :)

    By the way Karla, stop by my blog when you get a chance, I’ve got something for you :)

  25. http://HRH says

    You are as cute as a muffin.

    (I mean that in the yummy muffin kinda way).

    (Now that just sounds weird).

    It really is a compliment. Ok, I will stop now.

  26. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Hilarious!! You totally kill me! But, skip the milk…it’s actually not good for you. What you need is calcium, and you can get that in broccoli and leafy greens. Milks been linked to arthritis, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, and a ton more…the only things that need cows milk are baby cows (calves, I guess). Plus, since they don’t take care of the cows, they have chronic mastitis (ouch!) and so that’s why they are pumped full of antibiotics…and there are traces of blood and puss in regular milk…so if you must, buy organic!

    I’m done now! :)

  27. http://Sarcastic%20Mom%20(aka%20Lotus) says

    Adorable post, loved it!

    Take extra calcium supplements. Also, if you want the direct source from dairy, you can always go for yogurt, too (if you like it).

    Here’s a weird tidbit – if you like jalapenos, don’t be shy about eating them, the capcasin (sp?) in them is good for you in many ways, and it also speeds metabolism.

    Oh, and buttloads of water! Don’t forget to hydrate like a mama-jama.

    (I know it’s hard to take advice from a fellow muffin, but I used to use my own advice and it worked. Now I’m off to eat more chocolate. Heh.)

  28. http://Jenn says

    Oh Karla – I am right there with you! As a matter of fact I am planning to make a public declaration of this next week on my blog.

    We can keep each other accountable. :o)

  29. http://Lisa says

    I love it!! I am just now losing my muffin top but the baby is 18 months–now I’m an upside down muffin.
    This was a great laugh (I got your post via june cleaver nirvana)

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