Muffin Falls off The Wagon

So here’s the deal…

Anyone who has been following my blog for awhile knows I have a severely gargantuan sweet tooth thing for sugar. And you also know that when my doctor told me to CUT OUT SUGAR!!! (emphasis his), that I would have rather eaten 50 gallons of pig slop covered in manure happily agreed.

I made my announcement here, because I am an idiot all about accountability. And it worked! I did really really well for a day the first week. But then the weekend came and we went out to eat and I had to have the entire dessert menu to myself a bite of ice cream.

I fell off the wagon.
But I got back up an dusted myself off (before those horses could stomp on me). I promised to get right back into the saddle.

Only, I got tripped up over 20 bags a couple of pieces of Easter candy.

It was a lot harder to get up from that fall. Cement is a lot harder on the derrière than the dusty trail…

But I managed to pull my bruised and battered self up and remind myself that tomorrow is another day (while birdies were tweet-tweeting and baby deer and bunnies gathered around me while I danced and twirled and sang…)

…I promptly plunged headfirst onto the ground once again, when I had an encounter with 2 or 50 a tiny bowl of Banana Pudding at Golden Corral. (have you ever tried that stuff??!!! good luck walking out of there with your dignity intact if you do! seriously, I could bathe in it…)
So I am back to square one. I am standing before you all once again, proclaiming that I will CUT!!! OUT!!! THE!!! SUGAR!!! I am committed to this for sure this time.

At least until we head back to Golden Corral.


  1. Hey Karla…I’ll go sugar-free with you. I try to avoid it, but I got majorly sucked into a sugar binge that’s lasted 2 weeks. I feel yuck, and fat, and I’ve had at least one majorly upleasant side effect too.

    I need to get off of it too, and isn’t it always more fun to commiserate with a friend?

    So…I’m starting tomorrow.

    Because yesterday I posted about pie, and my husband brought one home for me last night…and if I can finish it up this afternoon, then I’ll be good and ready for my purge.


  2. Michelle Smiles says:

    I’ll tell you what I used to tell my addicts when I did drug/alcohol counseling. Sometimes one day at a time to too big of a chunk of time in the beginning. Take it in smaller increments. For this hour, I won’t eat sugar (or this 5 minutes if the craving is strong). Celebrate each success and give yourself a break when you stumble.

    Hehe…now if I could just practice what I preach because I’ve exceeded muffin top and moved on to full out bagel belly.

  3. Love the muffin! You’re not alone…Easter kicked my butt and the chocolate craving is on full force!

  4. Cassie - Homeschooling Four says:

    Somehow, sugar and sweets are not my struggle. Now, give me a bag of potato chips and I’ll eat the whole thing. But, I honestly don’t even care for chocolate that much (is that like blasphemy here? :)

  5. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  6. peggyvb says:

    You keep me laughing like you did today, and I will soon lose my muffin look just from the exercise.
    Love you,

  7. Yard Sale Princess says:

    I sat here reading that thinking…yes, I should do that, cut out sugar…yes, that will help my muffin top and thunder thighs. I also sat here reading that while I obsessively ate 4 or 5 Dove chocolate eggs! I would be falling right on top of you in every picture my friend. Keep trying and keep inspire us all to try right along with you!

  8. I feel your pain my friend! I started Weight Watchers 9 weeks ago and have successfully lost 11 pounds. The problem is, it’s been easy to lose and that makes me want to cheat! Go figure! My weakness is sugar, namely chocolate. So, at night, I’ll add a little extra dessert thinking that I’ll be fine and still lose the weight. My problem is that I think it causes me to stumble more than I want to!

    Hang in there! You can do it. Why don’t you try eating Smart Ones desserts? They’re pretty good and if you can make yourself stick to only eating one per day, it’ll be easier to kick the sugar habit….hopefully :-o)

  9. Monique says:

    Awww… there’s no harm in falling down, as long as you pick yourself back up.

    As if I one to speak since I am still currently rolling on the floor eating everything in sight.

  10. I don’t know how you did all that cute stuff with that muffin, but it cracked me up.

    You crack me up…you’re just too funny!

  11. Susanne says:

    Hang in there and keep going Karla! Dust that little muffin off and jump right back on that ‘ole wagon.

  12. I am loving the adventures of the muffin! You crack me up – I was laughing out loud at the pictures.

    This time around for me the detox headache only lasted 3 days. I have 4 days behind me. I have to take this moment by moment. You can do this!! You will be a mini muffin before you know it (you are so funny!).

  13. Anonymous says:

    Like someone else said, GOOD WORK. Put some replacement stuff in your house. IE Diet sweets! (Yuck!!!) They will taste GROSS starting off, but then you will get used to them. Diet jello actually isn’t so bad. Keep on trucking!

  14. workoutmommy says:

    the muffin is hilarious! I’m right there with you, I can’t seem to quit “THE SUGAR”! Good luck!

  15. Vintage Dutch Girl says:

    Oh girl, do I feel your pain… I am in LUV with sugar, especially of the Costco All American Chocolate Cake kind…the kind I ate half of BY MYSELF.


  16. surely he didn’t mean golden corral banana pudding too. Isn’t there a golden corral banana pudding exemption you may obtain?

  17. CastoCreations says:

    Hang in there! You can do it. =D Sugar is truly and completely addicting. But once it doesn’t control you there is an amazing world of flavor out there in non-sugary foods. :)

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