Mrs. Fussypants is birthin’ a baby *Updated at bottom*

Maybe you’ve heard this news already? Is it possible that anyone hasn’t?

I will be posting updates about the baby and also hosting Fight the Frump here this Friday. If you want to keep up with updates, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

We would have live-blogged it, but no wi-fi at the hospital. That could have certainly earned us some blogging awards, no?!

UPDATED: Baby boy #5 was born at 12:15; 7# 8oz! He’s a blondie. Mama and baby are doing well and she is resting. Be sure to head over to her blog and send your congrats!


  1. toblerone says

    Hey Karla! Read your update on Twitter. I don’t know if you’ve followed me yet; I’m there as “simplemom.” Your blog looks beautiful, by the way! I’ve been meaning to tell you that for awhile, and things just got busy. Your hair looks good, too! :)

  2. Velveteen Mind - Megan says

    I slept with the phone by my head last night and NO CALLS CAME IN FROM KARLA!

    I’m just sayin.


    *hugs to all*

  4. justmylife says

    Waiting on word from Fussy. I guess I will be twittering all day. Thanks for providing us with up to the minute info.

  5. If the two of you really say “Fo Shizzle”, i will eat my hat. Now off to check out the twitter reports!

  6. Stacey @Real World Mom says

    Great pic! LOL! I have to get ready to go to work soon, so I’m going to miss all the excitement. Grr!

  7. Jennifer says

    They should so install Wi-fi at hospitals. Love the pic.

  8. I love it!! You are just too darn cute.
    That is precious.
    Waiting anxiously!!!

  9. The Hunter's Wife says

    How cute and creative.

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