Moving out from a self-centered perspective

Most of my posts lately have been fluff.

Okay – all of them.

Not that I don’t like fluff or enjoy reading fluff.

But so much of what my blog focused on last year was a lot of soul searching and reflecting on my family’s trials from the year before. (of course, that was also after I wrote a lot of fluff…)

I miss that reflection. I miss taking the time to sit down and think about where the Lord has brought us. What He has delivered us from. What lies ahead.

I think a lot of it came from the desire to keep posting even when I was too sick or tired to do so. I was afraid people would leave and forget about my little corner of the blogging world.

Even in the blogging world we are susceptible to insecurities.

I’ve been so caught up in our illnesses, and our moves, and our schedules, and our issues, that I have not been looking outwards enough. I’ve been lacking in the “reaching out” department lately. And seeing how the Lord used so many to reach out to us during our time of suffering, I am ashamed of this fact.

I read an article the other day that has really had me thinking (you can read the article in it’s entirety here – click on the “download magazine” link for a .pdf version of it). The article was called “Oh, Say – Can’t you see?”.

After the author lost a pair of prescription glasses on the beach and being both thankful when she found them and suddenly angry at her husband for his lack of concern over her loss, she was struck by the fact that she had failed the “spiritual vision test”.

She was struck by the following thought: “You mourned over the idea of impaired vision for a few days, but how deep is your concern for those in total blindness spiritually? Your loss, which was temporary and replaceable, made you cry. Why don’t you, with that same intensity share My concern over what is lost eternally? And what about the tears in others’ lives? Do you share My compassion for their hurts?”

Her thoughts turned towards a rush of memories of looking at other’s problems with detachment.

Her thoughts then became: “Forgive me Lord! Help me to feel what You feel and see what You see, so that I can be burdened enough to pray in Your name – to cry out in a prayer that resonates with Your own heart“.

Don’t we all fall victim to this? Isn’t it all too comfortable to just stand and watch as it all goes by and not get involved? We have things to do, places to go. There is always something we need to do first. And THEN we’ll start helping… reaching out… caring.

It is so so so easy to just utter the words “I’ll pray for you.” But do we follow through? Do we really consider their pain? Their sorrow?

Do we really consider what lies ahead for those who do not believe? Lost souls don’t get another chance once the body dies.

What is stopping us?

What is stopping you?

We say we don’t want to be burdened. We say we don’t have time to be burdened. But the reality is — the Lord WANTS us to be burdened by other’s sufferings.


  1. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Great post! So true how we get caught up in our own petty problems that we lose the big picture. I heard of a man that when someone asked him for prayer, he would stop and pray with them right then and there. This is my goal, although I don’t think it’s actually happened yet. But I do pray for my blogging friends right when I read their concerns, otherwise I would forget!

  2. Thank you. Your post moved me to pick up the phone and make a difficult phone call to a family that is hurting spiritually.

  3. Becky Wolfe says

    Thanks for this reminder Karla – I too am guilty of saying I will say a prayer & then never get to the praying.

  4. Terri @ In His Hands says

    I pray when I say I will pray however I don’t think I pray hard enough, if that makes sense. I guess I don’t give enough time and thought as I should.

    Great post, Karla!

  5. Karla,
    I’m certainly with you on this. I have had the same thoughts this week and the song “Doesn’t Anybody See Her?” by Casting Crowns keeps running through my head. I pray that God will help us all to see and minister to the hurts of others.
    Love you loads.

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