Moving on

When I moved into this space in 2010, after more than 8 years of blogging on other platforms and under various site (and personal) names, I had intentions of growing into this space and keeping it as my personal online journal.

Unfortunately, I could never quite settle on to how to use it; at the same time that I relaunched this site under a new domain name, we were also launching a family site. At first, I thought might be my space to sort through things that didn’t fit onto our other site. Posts about topics such as my thoughts on elections didn’t seem to fit into the overall purpose over at Living The Life Fantastic (LTLF).

I tried – I wrote post about personal struggles, my strive for creativity, my need to run, posted random photos of the kids…

But, as time went on, many of the topics seemed to be just as appropriate for LTLF as this one, and I realized that I was spending more time worrying about which site to post my thoughts on than actually writing my thoughts out.

So this site sat here, untouched, for a year.

And it’s time to make the decision and retire this site and make LTLF my online home.

Though I won’t be posting here anymore, I’ll be keeping this site up – I still get traffic from posts I’ve written in the past (eg:  Print Your Own Daily or Weekly Planner) and I plan on updating and repurposing many of them – but, on LTLF.

I hope y’all will join me as I make my official blogging move from here over to Living The Life Fantastic. I’m excited about this change and I feel, oddly, liberated by it. Writing in the best of circumstances can be difficult enough. In this official move, my goal is to remove those false barriers I’ve set up around myself. I plan on writing about all the things I’ve wanted to write about but could never get settled on where to write about them.

If you do decide to follow me over to LTLF, would you consider subscribing to our newsletter? (I promise we won’t sell your name or spam you!) And, if you want to keep up with me, but aren’t interested in all of the other stuff we write about, click on the category “Karla’s Blog“. I plan on now using that category strictly for my more personal thoughts.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for being there — I appreciate you all so much!

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