More internet woes

Blissfully Domestic is experiencing technical problems. I have put in TWO requests to Typepad for support, and they are still sitting there unviewed.

The posts are showing as published in the dashboard/control panel. But the most recent entry on the blog is April 23rd.

This is really frustrating.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. http://Renae says

    Posts are current when I view it. Is it fixed? Hope so!

  2. http://Christine says

    I have no idea…they won’t let me sign in. They said my password is invalid.

    Then, attempting to retrieve it, they reverted to a long extinct typepad account I had (one of those two free week deals) and they will NOT let me exit it.


  3. http://Robin%20(the%20PENSIEVE%20one) says

    Maybe they were all at BlogHer? Hope it’s resolved SOON. I feel your pain :(.

  4. http://Jami%20@%20livelaughlove5 says

    Sorry friend, I can’t help you! But I just thought I’d say Hi! anyway! “HI!!” :)

    Miss you!!

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