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This week on Modern Media Mom, I am discussing how to stay organized when working from home.

To kick it off, I’m giving away a FranklinCovey planning system and a session from LiveClick.

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Book Review and Giveaway

This week on Modern Media Mom, I am discussing Working at Home. This is a great series for anyone considering it or already in the midst of it.

There is also a book review and giveaway. I’m giving away FOUR copies of Making Work at Home Work by Mary Byers. This book is perfect for moms trying to balance working at home and taking care of the home. It’s a hard juggle, and this book would be an invaluable tool for any mother trying to make it work. Whether you are a blogger trying to make some extra cash via your blog or are running a fully-incorporated business you’ll want to read this book.

Not many people have entered, so head over and enter.

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New on Modern Media Mom


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Next week I am starting a new series: Work from Home Productively AND Keep Your Sanity. (Read more about it here and here) Because of the current state of the economy, coming home to work may be your best option. It will be the small business owner who helps fix the economy.

So whether you are considering working from home as a small business owner, or with your current employer, you won’t want to miss out.

Besides, I have some great giveaways lined up.

Looking for a job?

If you, or someone you know are/is looking for a job, be sure to visit or send them to this article on Modern Media Mom.

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Always a popular topic at parties

Today, at Modern Media Mom, I am talking about the always popular topic of death. And, specifically, what it would mean for all of your online accounts.

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In other news: I want to tell you all to be on the lookout for my site to migrate over to WordPress. I’ve had my domain for a year now and have sat on it. But I know you’ll happily subscribe over there when it’s time. Right? …Right???!!