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Lots and lots of pictures today.

First off is my idea for Works for Me Wednesday.

Now, I have never done a WFMW, and may never post another one… I’m just not very good at coming up with things that are ingenious and fresh. In fact, I didn’t come up with this one on my own. But a lady in my bible study class last year came in with her big Daniel bible study bound. It was wonderful! Amazing! Clever! So I went to Staples yesterday and had my new A Woman’s Heart (updated version!) study bound. It cost under $5.00 for it to be cut and bound, and only about 4 minutes to do.


Now I can fold my study back and it lays flat while I work on it.

THAT works for me!

I am embarrassed to be posting these next photos… They certainly DO NOT make me feel like mother of the year… My poor Quinn has been the victim of countless bites and stings (you may recall this from last year – *he looks so little!!)… And the weekend I came home from the hospital was no exception. He and Sean went out to the woods to hang Sean’s deer cam. Along the way, Quinn sat down on a rotting log. It was filled with chiggers…

Those are not chicken pox. They are hundreds and hundreds of chigger bites, literally, from the top of his head to his toes. He has taken oatmeal baths and been sprayed down. My poor guy…

Isn’t that JUST AWFUL!!?? Again, I say, Mother! Of! The! Year!

The following photos are just because they are so STINKIN’ cute!!

Seamus was playing with the walkie talkie on the way home from Alabama on Sunday. He kept talking into it and giggling. Suddenly, his eyes betrayed him. Even asleep he tried desperately to keep that “phone” up to his ear.




A rare glimpse of Declan’s eyes:


  1. Lori - The Simple Life at Home says

    Love it. Love it. Love it! Love the WFMW idea (I’m starting the Daniel study next week and may do this), love the pictures of your poor suffering boy, love the sleepy phone addict and the beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing all of it!

  2. nora.lakehurst says

    I just wanted to say your kids are soooo cute. And we have the same name. My real name is Karla. You should check my site too. I think your sons are adorable. I have three sons. And ONE little girl and I think we are totally done having kids. I love them but wow boys are alot of work.

  3. Oh, those bites look painful! But oh, what cuties you have! We don’t have a Staples near us. Do you know of another place that does the binding like that?

  4. Karla, thanks for the update with photos! I feel so bad for Quinn (and you too) about the chigger bites. I’d never heard of chiggers and I had to Google “Chigger” to find out what kind of bug it exactly is . . . not a friendly one, that’s for sure. Your kids are soooo adorable and I loved to see Declan’s eyes.
    Your idea about binding the Bible study book is a great one . . . I’ll have to look into that for some of my “workbooks” too.

  5. Great tip! Last year I took some of the kids’ school books and had them cut and 3 hole punched. I put them in a binder and had them ready to be sorted out by week.

    Those chigger bites do NOT look good. I’m so sorry for your little one.

    Duckabush Blog

  6. Poor sweet Quinn! I hope he feels better from all of those nasty bites soon.
    And your two younger boys are so sweet – look at your precious little baby!

  7. Quinn is still cute under all those bites! Precious babes, them all :)

  8. Great idea – I’ll have to remember that. Cute pictures of the kids, in spite of the bites!

  9. I had chiggers really badly up my legs one summer. I found that campho-phenique worked the best. It not only did it stop the itching but dried those little buggers up. You can buy it at CVS, Walgreens, possibley Walmart. I hope he feels better soon.


  10. Poor guy! Those look like they might itch and hurt! makes ME itch seeing them!

    I want to know what kind of vehicle you have that has built in car seats … how cool is that!

    Love your WFMW post … GREAT idea!

  11. That’s a really great idea for bible study books! I may have to do that with my next one. Thanks.

    Your poor son! Those bites look miserable. :-(

  12. What an great idea for bible study books. I’m going to have to try that with my next ones. I think we even have a binding machine at work I can use.

  13. Poor Guy! Chiggers are awful!

  14. Poor kid!! I hope he feels better soon!
    Love the WFMW tip.. I get things bound occasionally, but I never thought of doing my bible study books- it sure would make it easier!!

  15. Oh – that poor little guy! Looks so painful!

  16. Kathleen Marie says

    When we lived in MO when I was a teen chiggers were EVERYWHERE! They were awful. I put clear nail polish on. I was told it helped smoother them. I don’t know if it was true or not. My Mother swears by Absorbine Jr. A cure all in her book and I do like it.

    And don’t be so hard on yourself. I am sure it bothers you much more than him.

    God Bless!

  17. Kathleen Marie says

    Oh, I forgot to mention I love the binding idea…. I got so caught up in the chiggers… Sorry! Hugs!

  18. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says

    Oh my word, Karla. I can’t believe he got that many bites. I grew up in southeast Texas and all us kids were always covered in these bites after a trip to the woods, too, but my gosh, that must be miserable for him.

    I’m almost afraid to see poor little Cameron tomorrow, with this hand food mouth virus thing he has going on.

    Don’t beat yourself up though. It wasn’t your fault. It’s just a shame he sat on that log. Poor thing.

  19. Oh my! Those bites! :(

    Check out my blog at http://prettybabies.blogspot.com/2007/09/wfmw-brand-loyal-edition.html
    for a recipe for a milk/oatmeal bath that might help. It cures diaper rash, anyway. Cheaper than Aveeno.

    Hope he heals up quickly.


  20. That is a wonderful idea. I’m glad you posted it.

    Poor boy. Hope they go away quickly. I’ve never heard of chiggers. I’ll have to look it up.

    I love when kids are so tired they fall asleep while doing something. It’s so adorable.

    And gorgeous eyes your boy has.

  21. Terri @ In His Hands says

    Again, totally swooning over your baby.

    Ow on the bites. :( Poor fella. Our landscape architect has them all over her legs and I thought that was bad!

    Love your tip about the binding—great idea!

  22. Oh my gosh, all those bites!!!!! Poor little guy!

  23. i am SOOO ichy after looking at your sweet boys bites! ouch!

  24. Get ready for an AWESOME ride with Beth Moore’s study of Daniel. I did that study last year and it has really impacted my view of our sovereign and awesome God! Great tip about the binding — I may just do that with my current study.

    Cheers from the modern day Babylon of Bellevue, WA —


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