Making a Mess and Learning to Let Go of Perfection

Recently, I’ve been feeling like, creatively, I’m sitting in a stagnant pool of cold murky gray water.

I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve found outlet after outlet to express my creativity, whether thru drawing and painting, writing, photography, graphic design, knitting, quilting. Something.

And I still do.

But lately, I’ve been struggling to find that creative spark; the one that ignites and burns and makes you see everything thru a different lens.

I’ve been playing around with things, trying to fit square pegs into round holes and nothing is catching fire. I even signed up for “Art Every Day Month”.

Do you know how many days I created something outside of my work?


So I began doing some research (how uncreative!!) and went to the bookstore, and I came across this: Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

One of the most critical aspects of growing your creativity is to let go. Forget about perfect. Ignore perfection. Give.It.Up. And that is the what this book is about. It’s easy, no-pressured exercises in making mistakes.

Today was my first day. And now? I’m so excited about it that I purchased a domain, and I’ve set up a flickr group.

I am so excited. Beyond excited!

What am I asking? I’m asking you to join me. If you can, purchase the book. Work through it. And, once I have the Flickr group all set up, post your creations there. (**UPDATED: Flickr Group is hereIt’s not completely set up yet, but in the spirit of this, I’m letting go of that desire to wait until it’s “just so” and throw it on out there**)

Please know: There’s no pressure to keep up with this on a daily basis. Create whenever you desire.

Let’s do this. Let’s share our imperfect creations and realize that art is art and a creative mind comes in all shapes and sizes.

(ps – the book link is an affiliate link… all that means, is that if you purchase it using that link, I can buy a soda at McDonald’s)

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  1. I tend to think of myself as a non-creative type. But then I end up solving problems (mostly for other people) in fairly creative ways. Maybe creativity takes all sorts of forms? I’m going to check out this book and maybe I can join you!

  2. OK. I just bought the book (via your link!). Comfort zone, prepare to be stretched!

    • YAY Colleen!!! So proud of you!!! It’s going to be fun.

      Regarding your point of creativity taking all sorts of forms, I totally believe that. And I think all forms struggle for perfection.

  3. What a fabulous idea! I want to play, too. My inner perfectionist is saying, “no, you don’t have time. You’re supposed to be working nonstop because you’re having surgery on your arm in two weeks and will be too doped up on painkillers to do anything but sleep.”

    But y’know what? I want to play anyway. It sounds like I will be in a mental place where a bit of creative mess will fit right in.

    • Wonderful! Happy to know that you think so. I’m tired of fighting with my inner perfectionist. I just want it gone.

  4. See, now I need challenges like this cuz I put off doing things or sharing things because either I don’t have the time or the drive to finish them. :)

    • I hope you will join in whenever you can. That is one of the other points I should I have mentioned more specifically — this is about NO PRESSURE! (can I get an “AMEN”??) Make something once a week, once a month… just make the attempt. :)

  5. I did it. I totally bought the book and so I hope that Coke from McDonald’s is the BEST EVERRRR!

    I really needed this right now and I want to thank you for inspiring me!

  6. Christine @LiveLaughLoveCj says

    Stirring the pot
    In With Both Feet
    Set Free

    *enjoy that soda – Book purchased today – here tomorrow and so it begins*
    a perfect time too, as I begin a new blog – my creative outlet.


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