Life keeps on keepin’ on…

I’m still struggling with what to write on here. So much of what is on my mind is personal, and while I’ve always shared that, there are others whose feelings I must be respectful of…

But I would like to ask that y’all continue to hold me and the children in your prayers. I’m still looking for a job and because I’m still looking for a job, that is another reason I have to be conscientious of what I write.

I’ll be back to writing on here soon enough.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

So I’ve been MIA

I’ll keep this brief because otherwise it might be another 3 months until I write again… (I can’t believe that I haven’t written on here for so long.)

It’s not that I haven’t been writing. But I’ve been writing on a private blog of my own, sorting through things (Isn’t that why I always end up writing?) I just haven’t known how or what to write about what is going on with me.

Briefly: I’ve been in MD, at my parent’s, with the children, since the beginning of July. I’m looking for work. My husband and I are separated. He has since moved up here, so the children are spending every other week with one of us.

I won’t be writing much more about it on here, unless it is something that I can write about in a way that is respectful to Sean and the children. Obviously, it’s a personal matter, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to talk about it, so if you are wanting to ask, feel free to email me.

Hopefully, now that I’ve tossed that out here I won’t feel the need to avoid writing on here. I just haven’t know how to deal with it in a public way. The easy way out would have been to just continue writing on here and pretending that nothing was wrong. But that isn’t how I work.