Y’all! How I’ve missed you! And all of your comments on my last post reaffirm how much I love this whole bloggin’ thing. To think that I write a post after almost 3 months and YOU NOTICED!

Thanks for all of the sweet comments. It means so much.

Keep your eye out for me reemerging from the woodwork some more.

Hanging with Family – a photo study

I haven’t gotten to see my brother, Mark, since we moved to Tennessee. He lives in upstate New York and we haven’t been able to make it to Maryland at the same time. But he was in Tennessee this weekend and we were able to meet up for a bit:


He’s a little bit taller than me ;0)

The kids couldn’t wait to see him.




Couldn’t get a photo of Seamus without his cheeks puffed out.



We had to entertain ourselves on the drive over and back so we passed the time taking photos:


DSC_1422 DSC_1439



DSC_1443 DSC_1444


On the way home, things got way silly and there were a lot of tongues sticking out and faces being made that would give that old wives-tale a run for its money.



Don’t even want to know what he was thinking…

 DSC_1459 DSC_1460

DSC_1461 DSC_1462

DSC_1464 DSC_1467 



Totally trying to concentrate.

Seeing God in a Basket

A couple of months ago, our cat (kitten, really) got outside and was gone overnight . We had not yet had a chance to have her spayed and were concerned that we would end up with a litter of kittens. We confirmed her pregnancy one day when she rolled over to have her tummy rubbed.

As her discomfort progressed and her “talking” increased, we knew that it was imminent and we found ourselves looking forward to, hopefully, getting to experience the birth of the kittens.


In spite of the basket we had prepared for her, yesterday she decided to birth under my daughter’s bed.


She had already had 3 by the time we realized she was missing.


6 hours later, she had delivered 6 kittens (only one didn’t make it) and had managed to get them and herself all cleaned up and relaxing.


The only drama was when this orange one was delivered. We think she must have delivered the first three so quickly and couldn’t keep up with all that was required. The orange one was still in its sac and she had moved on to delivering and cleaning a different one. My dad removed the sac and I cut the cord after it was apparent that at that moment she had no interest or ability to work on it at that time.


But she soon took to it and was nursing them all.


She is a good mama. And watching her maternal instinct kick in and the care and gentleness she shows her little ones softens my heart to all of the ugliness in the world around me.


Once again, I am reminded that there is hope and that life is a gift.



One year ago, today, I was writing about Capturing Motherhood in a Photo.

Two years ago, today, I was wondering What More Could We Possibly Need.

And three years ago, today, I must have been doing something really cool, like spending the day at the spa. Or changing diapers.

The Things I’ll Do For You

Yesterday I was foolish enough to write a post about my new hair color without posting a photo. The reason I didn’t? Too lazy to get hair fixed and makeup applied.

Yes, my vanity got in the way of your reading enjoyment.

Today, I bit the bullet – Still no makeup. Hair not fixed. But the masses are screaming for a view. ;0)

Here I am first thing this morning: (in the sun it looks more dark brown)


Not totally scared yet?

Here you go: (no sun – it looks almost black)


You are welcome.

(Do you even remember why I was posting these? Oh yes – the “overdid” hair color. Next on my list – getting my hair trimmed.)

Updated: I forgot the

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (yeah… I know)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love affair with hair color.

In high school, I sported plum hair and black hair. [I may or may not have tried sun-in at some point too…] After high school, I made a couple of forays into Perms-ville and didn’t color my hair for a bit during that time. (perms + hair color = a red hot frizzy mess)

But eventually, I returned to my world of multi-colored hair. I wear it like a badge of honor: “Look how cool and hip I am sporting my sassy colors!”

So much did I color, that it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my daughter and stopped my addiction coloring that I realized that I had a great big gray streak in the front of my hair. I made an appointment with Miss Loreal as soon as I could.

The colors since then have changed, but my desire to color my hair hasn’t. Some people shop to feel better. I color my hair.

(I have just written “hair” 9 times in 9 sentences…)

All along, I’ve been too cheap to actually have someone else do my color. Two or three times I have, but who can afford the constant cost of upkeep when the roots start to grow out. Each time, I’d quickly reacquaint myself with Miss Loreal or Miss Clariol. At some point, I did pretend start to act like I knew what I was doing – after all, technically, I probably have more experience and years with coloring hair than most beauticians, and started buying bottles of color from a beauty supply shop. (the kind you mix with developer in your own bowl).

That being said, I don’t think I do a half bad job.

If I feel like getting really crazy – ie highlights and lowlights, I go to the local Paul Mitchell school and have my hair colored and highlighted for $20.00. Yes, you read that right –but because it is a school, it takes a month of sundays to get your hair done because they have to keep checking with the instructor and, let’s face it, they are nervous as crap. (they always do a beautiful job.)

I’m pretty sure that I have a point to this post somewhere. But I’m enjoying our little trip down memory lane together. And you must be too, if you are still reading…

For the past 3 years, I’ve been highlighting my hair. My grays have multiplied like rabbits increased a bit, and are so resistant to color that my only solution has been to blend them in with highlights.

Enter my husband (Hi husband!) He luuuuurvssss my dark hair. That’s how he married me. And that’s how he likes it.

Enter my daughter (Hi daughter!) She has her strongest memories of me as a lighter haired mama.

Enter me (Hi me!) I’ve grown weary of the lighter color. I’ve been feeling the recoloring itch starting up. Beside, my roots were screaming uncle. The light color has worked but again with the upkeep! [have I mentioned I’m lazy?] And because I am a dark brunette, my lightened hair tends to take on a <shudder> brassy tone.

Enter Miss #30 Dark Brown Colorsilk [have I mentioned that I’m cheap?] (Hi Miss Colorsilk!) totally neutral party.

I like it. Hubs looooooves it. BOOYAH!

Yesterday, getting my daughter ready for school, she comes downstairs, bleary-eyed, takes one look at me and says “Your hair is dark.” (waiting…) speaking in a hushed-panicked tone to me: “You sort of over-did it

There you go. How does one respond to that??

She is still not liking it. [have I mentioned that she doesn’t like change]

Obviously, she hasn’t  been properly schooled in the fun of hair color (she’s all of 8 years old, after all). One day, she’ll understand that just because it’s “too dark” one day, doesn’t mean it stays that way for long.