like my ugly new look?

We are home from church today, because, remember this? yeah, round 2… things like this are so hard with kids… I think I know how he’s been getting it, so I had to let another mom know about it so she could take care of it on her end. That’s not a fun part of parenting. I end up attempting to do a nice little tap dance.


I was trying to watch our church’s webcast and waiting for it to be posted and decided to tweak my template some more. Wanted to move a few things around.

On this blog, I had never updated to the new blogger. I had kept it under beta to keep my template. This morning, for some reason, I decided to update it because it seemed to be saying I could easily revert to my old template.

HAHA HEE HEE HO. What a silly silly SILLY girl I am! That’s not how it works! Not only can I not upload my old template into the new blogger (it reads XML code and my template is not) but it ate all of my widgets and things on my sidebar.

To say I’m anxiously waiting for my brother-in-law to respond would be an understatement.

So please bear with my ugly new look until I can get this all figured out.


  1. http://dcrmom says

    URGH!! How frustrating. Hope you get it figured out soon!!

  2. I;m praying for you and the little one….that would stink. My sister had pin worms when we were little..she kept getting them from a friends house..they had cats…my mom about lost it..I can remember her stripping and cleaning everything and driving herself crazy….look on the bright side…head lice is going around our school..we dont have it….thank God.

  3. http://Beck says

    Do they have contact with a pet that goes outside?

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