Like I really needed another reason for making coffee

In case you can’t read the bottle:
Vanilla Caramel Brownie
Just a touch added to my Folger’s Caramel Drizzle coffee.
Enough said.


  1. http://Mary%20B says

    Oh my graciousness, that looks di-vine! I just bought for the first time White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut, that was good. Yours looks better….keeping my eyes posted.

  2. That is a Ditto! I have them both and Oh… it’s glorious to wake up in the morning and actually have a reason to say Mmmm the start to another day!

    Here’s to waking up and having not just good Coffee but good creamer… I’ve been overseas serving overseas and this is one small Joy of coming back to the states.. good coffee and wonderful treats like flavored creamers…


  3. What in the world!?! I’m in coffee creamer envy!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen those kinds of flavours in Canada…sniff.

  4. My favorite is Pumpkin Spice creamer and Peppermint mocha….ooh la la …

  5. Wow, how yummy! I love their seasonal flavors! I just bought vanilla pumpkin spice…yum!

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