Let me introduce you to some of my relatives

I come from a long line of lovely southern women on my mama’s side, and a stream of yanks on my daddy’s side.

Mix southern grace and style, with northern drive and perhaps that is the reason for such uniqueness in my family tree.

~ahem~ probably not.

Nevertheless, I’d like to introduce you to some of my family:

Poor Bert had some sort of delineation on her forehead. It made for some interesting chitchat around the holiday table. She couldn’t wait for the day that bangs were in style.

yearbook 1950

Next up, was Sandy, who, despite her daily neck exercises, never recovered from this hairstyle. One side of her neck was always larger from the sheer weight of all of that hairspray.


When Beth showed up at the family reunion, there were the inevitable snickers and giggles. But when she stepped out in her new platform shoes, there was no denying her groovy style.


And my parents had to put a sunroof in their car in order for my hair to fit. Which was probably a good thing. It ensured that no one suffocated on the hairspray fumes.


What an eclectic group of women. What history. What style.

have fun with it yourself @ Yearbook Yourself


  1. http://Beck says

    Hahahah, Karla you nut.
    My favorite are people with hair that has been frozen in time, like the lovely woman I know with a very long RATTAIL. Awesome!

  2. http://Christina says

    I was all set to comment on how I love to look at old pictures! You’re so funny…thanks for the laugh.

  3. http://R.L.Scovens says

    I went and did this yesterday and it was hilarious! I really enjoyed it. I ended up with a pair of those Cat Eye Glasses!!

  4. http://aheartforhome says

    You crack me up! Love it!

  5. http://Valarie says

    Wow you all look so similar!! Quite the family resemblance ;)

  6. http://Rachel says

    adorable!! You are so cute!!

  7. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    So fun. You crack me up. I will have to go and check it out.
    Karla, just wanted you to know that I referenced your guest post from Blogging Basics 101 in my post today. Your info was really helpful to me.

  8. http://One%20Mom says

    That is hysterical! You had me going for a second!

  9. http://Charlotte says

    I love the the ‘Fro. it was great. Come check out my blog and you’ll find mine too.

  10. http://Kelly%20-%20PTT says

    Oh gosh that is too funny. When I read the title, I thought it would be a serious post – ha!

  11. http://Jami%20@%20livelaughlove5 says


    You said it right – what style!!

  12. http://Susanne says

    That’s quite a bunch of stylish women your family has.

    You are too funny!

  13. http://The%20Nester says

    That was fantastic! I am so gonna do that.

    Got your message yesterday–we were at the beach–yippie! I’m working on setting up my email so I can actually send out easier. anyhow, i wanted to say hello and make sure you know that I got your message and hated that I couldn’t talk to you and Alli. How fun would that have been?!
    talk to you soon!

  14. http://Rebecca%20Ramsey says

    I love all those do’s!

  15. http://Peapodsquadmom says

    I looked at all those pics and kept thinking “Wow…she sure looks like those ancestors!” Yeah, I’ve had a long day with the triplets. I’m going to have a glass of something and crawl into the bed now.

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