Let me hear it for some Smitty!

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I received my Michael W. Smith Christmas album today. I could write about how we are practically neighbors, what, with us both living in Tennessee and all. Or how we are all but twins since we share the same birthday. 14 years apart…

He’s always been a favorite in our home, and this CD just adds to our respect for him. It’s festive. It’s fun. It’s beautiful.

I am now officially in the Christmas spirit.

Can you believe he’s 50! The man’s got some good genes!

(I know y’all can read, since you’re, ya know, reading this… But if you are looking for more info on the album, click on the button above that says “Click here for more info”)


  1. http://Laura/DaPFG says

    wait wait…dude is 50?!! that’s insane. my gosh. i totally would have guessed like 35. lol. wow.

  2. I love it when people recommend Christmas albums because there are some read duds out there. I’ve always liked Smitty. My husband hates his voice, though, so I don’t listen to him as often as I’d like. I think I’ve been married long enough to listen to what I want, though!!

  3. The first time I heard “Michael Dub” (as my childhood friends and I called him) was in SS in 5th grade. Our Sunday School Teacher played “The Race is On” from his first album. I have been hooked ever since and he is still a fav at our house.

    I love Christmas music – I will have to add this one to my collection. Glad you liked it.

    But 50 – really! What spring is he drinking his water from??

  4. http://crafty%20carolinagirl says

    I am also a fan of MWS. I saw him a few years ago in Lakeland, FL and he was great! I bet his Christmas album is wonderful too.

  5. http://Ruth says

    i like mws too. one of my ywam leaders from years ago used to know him. it was her one small claim to fame.

    and it worked!

  6. http://stephanie@Olive%20Tree says

    Shhhh … I know where his house is. :) If we ever get to meet sometime, we can stalk together. LOL

    Just kidding! I may have to check that album out, now. :)

  7. Your so funny…

  8. http://Kimmy says

    Oh yes . . . I did “click here for more info”. Thanks for the link. I really like to preview albums before I buy them, but really, knowing it is MWS, I knew it would be good without even listening. He is amazing. I’ve seen him in concert 3 times and I’m always blown away by him. And 50 years old? You’re right. Great genes.

  9. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    Dude, 50?

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