Learn From the People You Follow on Twitter

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Like anything else online, Twitter can be just another distraction or it can be a very useful tool.

Looking for ideas on growing a business?
Trying to think of a way to organize your coupons?
Want to know the latest online news or sales?

A well-rounded list of people you follow will give you access to this information right at your fingertips. Seek out people who have similar interests or people who are experts in areas you want to learn about.

Following your friends on Twitter is fun. Following established Tweets and learning from them is smart.

Here are two lists to get you started:

Twitter Grader Elite – Top Users


  1. Do you use tweetdeck to categorize your Tweets? I need to look into that.

  2. [modern media mom] says:

    Yes – I do use Tweetdeck. It makes it really simple to keep track of different topics and when ppl use those Hashtags (#).

    It runs a lot more efficiently now – it used to slow down my computer a lot, but it’s been tweaked and streamlined, I believe.

    ~~K [MMM]

  3. I even tweet under two names for my two interests – Spanish (spanishblog) and photography (kbphotos). I have found a great group of people with both. They are my personal learning networks. :)

  4. [modern media mom] says:

    I think that is a fabulous idea, Karen! Do you use Tweetdeck to keep track of them? Or some other Twitter tool?

    ~~K [MMM]

  5. Twitter is tons o fun, and I always seem to get great info about blogging there as well. I still get funny looks when I talk about twitter around my friends.

    See you at Blissdom!

  6. Oh how I heart Twitter! I still use Twhirl.

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