Labor Day will have a whole different meaning this year…

Monday I had my OB appointment.

I have spent less time at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Heck, I’ve spent less time delivering my other babies.

My day began with my children waking me up — too early. I asked them to give me a minute to wake up. A minute turned into an hour and a half. Of all of the days for my children to watch tv quietly…

I raced around, knowing that going to an OB appointment unshowered was NOT an option for me.

Somehow, I made it in time – after dropping my three other children off at a friend’s home to stay for the duration.

Little did I know that the duration would be a sweet forever.

My appointment was a 9:45. I was promptly given a medical sugar drink to test my blood sugar. That meant I had to wait an hour. I had hoped that the doctor could check me for my exam during that time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t called back to the exam room until they were drawing my blood from the sugar test.

I got into the exam room and, because I am now considered geriatric in OB years, I had to have the heart monitor belt things strapped over my belly.

Honestly, I cannot express the anxiety that those things typically evoke. I saw a picture of a lady wearing one in one of my pregnancy books, Sunday evening, and started feeling so anxious all over again. I would rather be locked in a closet with the lights out, than wear those strappy heart monitors. My husband reminds me that they are important for the baby. But I want to be able to move when I am having a raging contraction.

But I digress… they didn’t bother me this time… but I wasn’t in labor either.

When my doctor came back in, we discussed my anxiety I have been feeling about the baby coming before I can make it to the hospital. (I tried linking to my post about that, for those who need some of my labor and delivery background, but blogger is acting odd.)

We had casually mentioned inducing labor during a prior discussion on this. And I’d sort of blown that idea off. But this baby’s birth is looming and causing me some stress. So we broached the topic again.

It looks like I will be induced on September 3rd – Labor Day. This way, I can relax and not worry about dropping the baby on the side of the road on the drive over.

This makes me feel MUCH better. Though, Seamus was three weeks early, and the 3rd is just 2 weeks before my due date. (I am ever the worry-wart …)

Again, because I am a geriatric OB patient, the doctor wanted an ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing properly. But it was noon and the office was closing for lunch. So, I had to drive 20 minutes to pick up the kids and drive 20 minutes back to make it back by 1:00 in hopes of getting right into the ultrasound room.

What I didn’t anticipate was that the office personnel would not realize that the entrance door was still locked from lunch and didn’t notice it until 1:30…

kids + waiting + a mom who has had a long day at the doctors = disaster

Once in the ultrasound room, there was much crying and gnashing of teeth, as they had had enough. From the kids, not me… though I was this close to it myself.

But I did get some sweet-as-sugar pictures of our new babe. He reminded me of Abbie’s ultrasound photos.

I can’t wait to met him.

And honestly, I can’t imagine that the next 6 weeks will feel any longer than that long appointment at the doctor’s office.


  1. http://Beck says

    He’s going to have the same birthday as my baby brother!
    Do you have anyone who can take your older three during your next appointment? Taking little kids to the doctor’s office is NO fun.

  2. http://Becky%20Wolfe says

    Awww, what a long frustrating day. Glad you have some peace about the early inducing date. Its coming so soon! Wow!

  3. http://Barb says

    I mentioned it in your original post. Being induced for my second baby took a TON of stress off me. I was so afraid of having that baby on the side of the interstate highway between our house and the hospital forty miles away. But be warned. Being induced almost always speeds labor up a lot. My second was born in just over an hour and a half.

    And I had those fetal heart monitors strapped on me both times. I hated them too.

    What a day. Good grief. You must have collapsed when you got home.

    Krissy brought a photo of the first ultrasound of my new grandbaby down last night. So, so tiny, we’re calling him or her baby bean for now. :-)

  4. http://Fiddledeedee%20(It%20Coulda'%20Been%20Worse) says

    Labor Day. Teeheeheeheee.

    I was induced all 3 times. Totally the way to go. I so hate surprises!

  5. http://Stephanie says

    Praying for a safe delivery. And that baby waits for the third!

  6. http://Kili%20@%20Live%20Each%20Moment says

    Good luck with baby #4. You stopped by my blog today, thanks. I was so much anticipating baby #2 and it has been much better than I thought…

  7. http://Kimmy says

    Hey, Karla. I’m glad that a decision has been made for you regarding this. I certainly know where you’re coming from, and I’ll pray that Baby “D” (I love his name) will wait until the induction and not surprise you any sooner. How old are you? At what age to they refer to women as geriatric (re: pregnancy)? Just wondering.

  8. http://Susanne says

    What a long day for you! I hope you were able to rest up a bit once you got home!

    Being induced sounds like it will take a lot of the stress off. I can’t imagine worrying about that long drive when you’re in the midst of labor.

  9. http://Terri%20@%20In%20His%20Hands says

    LOL about going into labor on Labor Day–I love it!

    I’m sorry you’re stressed but happy they can induce you. Plus, you get to plan everything which is nice!

  10. http://SeekingHim! says

    Why is that we always have to wait hours at the OB! So frustrating! I hate the heart monitor things too!Your baby will be here soon! How exciting!

  11. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Can’t you push it up to the 1st of Sept? That’s my birthday!! heehee. I only have 35 days left!!! yikes!!!

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