Knocking on wood

I am sitting in the Memphis airport, waiting for my hop-skip-and-a-jump flight to Nashville.

(Seriously, I don’t think the plane even has time to quite make the full ascent before it must start heading right back down. And did you notice that I said I was in Memphis? I flew over Nashville already. Sometimes ya gotta go west to get east.)

I have managed to sit next to some really dear people on each of my flights. Considering how tired I am right now, that is really a compliment. Because I’m [this close] to being exhausted to the point of wanting to just tell all of the people to just shut up already I’m trying to sleep!

The woman I sat next to on the flight out of Charlotte sat quietly next to me and, after about 10 minutes, I scared her out of her slumber when I opened my soda can. She asked what I was in Charlotte for and it turned out she was a SheSpeaks attendee as well.

I may have managed to turn the entire conversation into a dissertation on blogging. Let me tell y’all – talking about blogging without having access to the internet takes a lot of creativity.

As we made our descent we quickly talked about some of the speakers tales and some of the embarrassing moments they admitted to in their talks.

"Those things make such good speaking fodder!" I said, while wondering if I’ll have moments like that to speak of one day in my talks.

Immediately after that, the doors opened for us to exit and I stood up to gather my things. And with a thud that echoed through the entire cabin, right there from my 3rd row seat, I rammed my head into the over-head cabin. This was no little tap. No quiet thump. But hard! And thunderous!

I suppose that was the Lord, in His wondrous humor, reaffirming me that "Yes, yes you will, my child."


  1. http://Jo-Lynne says

    LOL! Well, at least you have blog fodder. And perhaps future speaker fodder. In addition to that egg on your head. ;-)

  2. http://Anonymous says

    Karla, at least you can’t say you didn’t bring anything home with you since you got that bump on your head! I am looking forward to hearing more about the conference. I can only imagine how inspiring this was for you…you deserved to go!

    Joce W.

  3. http://mer says

    That head thump make me laugh out loud. Hope you don’t end up with a big knot.


  4. http://I%20Can%20See! says

    Hello, my pillow hugging friend! I finally figured out how to use this thing called Bloggery…I am still shy though;)

  5. http://The%20Nester says

    why do I like you even more knowing that you bumped your head like that?

    I didn’t think I could like you any more. Then since it was such a loud, attention getting thump that adds another 25% likeablilty to you.

  6. http://R.L.Scovens says

    I would have been SO embarrassed!! I can’t even imagine!

  7. http://Sarah says

    So great to meet you at SheSpeaks. You will make a great speaker! I look forward to hearing you someday.

    Yes, life does seem to provide many examples to humble us but it helps us to laugh at ourselves and be serious about God.

    Take care.

  8. http://Fuschia says

    I haven’t been by in a while…sorry :(
    So. I love the new look!
    And. OOOWWWIE! You didn’t mess up your hair, did you?!

  9. http://Nicki says

    Hey Karla!! It was so neat to meet you at She Speaks! I thought it was neat how God allowed us to eat together on Saturday morning! =) You are so sweet and I look foreword to seeing what God has in store for you! I’m sure you’re adjusting as I am back to “normal life” today. (deeps sighs) Kids, diapers, laundry they were all so distant this weekend weren’t they??!! =) Take care!

  10. http://chickadee says

    that’s so neat that you met another blogger on the plane.

  11. http://Heather says

    Oh, that’s priceless!

  12. http://mah-meeee says

    hahahahahahaha… oh that is a good one.

  13. http://Elizabeth says

    yooowch! i don’t have that problem much i’m only 5’2″. ;-)

  14. http://emily says

    Love. It. Poor little you, though. I’m sure there will be many more head bumping speaking illustrations in the future.

    Have I told you lately how glad I am to have met you? Well I AM!

  15. http://Robin%20(the%20PENSIEVE%20one) says


    A coupla things–

    It was so nice meeting you, but I was soooo hoping to get to know you better! I guess our session-paths weren’t crossing?? At least we have faces–and smiles–to put with one another :).

    I thought that very thing (not having “good” anecdotal stories to tell) while I was listening to speakers. Then again, my goal (going in) wasn’t to learn how to deliver compelling speeches. But sitting in those rooms listening? I found myself wondering, “Could I do THAT??”.

    So sorry @ your bumpity head! Or do I say “Praise Jesus!”? Because He was giving you a rather literal reminder, lol? Guess He wanted to make an impression, huh?


  16. http://Anonymous says

    From the woman who is afraid of soda cans – I enjoyed speaking with you on the plan and have enjoyed reading your blog since. -Laura

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