Kitten Updates

On Thursday April 30, 2009 our cat had kittens. Who doesn’t like kittens? (don’t answer that – I know some of you don’t and I’d have to shoot you my mean eyes if you said you didn’t)

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Day 24:

No sure how so many days got past me without photos. The funny thing is that I am with them a lot. The kids and I get a big giggle out of watching their antics. They come to the edge when they see us.


This one is the runt. Still has that startled look all of the time. So sweet.


 DSC_1487  DSC_1489

This one is always getting out. (Look at those CRAZY whiskers!!)




This one is my friend ;0) Always stomps over the other ones to get to the edge when I come in the room.

The fourth one nurses all of the time (just like my kids did) so it’s never easy to get a photo of it.


Mama – trying really hard to be patient with me…

Day 14:

The wrestling has commenced. Rolling around on each other, cleaning themselves. It’s harder to capture their cuteness in a photo now. Will have to start videotaping more.



Day 13:

One of the orange kittens keeps crawling to the corner of the box and hanging out like this (planning its escape, I suppose):



Day 12:

All of the kittens have their eyes open. And now, they all hiss at me when I rub them. Baby kitten hisses are the funniest thing! I’ve also noticed them trying to clean themselves. I sense crazy kitten antics coming on soon.


Day 10:

This gray one is the runt. So sweet and smaller than its chubby siblings.


This one has one eye that is opened well. Still waiting to see the other one.

Look at those claws.


Day 9:

I have to keep reminding myself that mama is still a kitten herself. She’d like some attention too.


Day 8:

I’m amazed at the changes in just one week. They are really pluming up, esp. the orange ones. (Abbie won’t let me call them fat. They are “chubby”)

Mama keeps taking them and placing them under the bed. Not sure if I should move their basket under there and let her keep them there, or encourage her to keep them out from under the bed.

Eyelids are beginning to separate.


This gray one always manages to be the one in the best position for photographing:



Day 7:

Dreaming of nursing?


Day 6:



Day 5:


Day 4:

(they are just sort of laying there until around 1:00 – feel free to fast forward to that part)

(they usually get a bit more vocal and excited when she comes back into the box. this is a mellow version of it)

Day 3:


(I think this gray one is my favorite. It has the cutest markings on its face)


(I was mean and took this one while it was nursing… [sorry, baby])

Day 2:



(the gray one passed on last night – so sad…)

Day 1:


(still slightly damp)


(this photo is before all were born – one more orange one was later born)


  1. http://Lori says

    You are better than me I would be bawling and a complete mess on losing even one. (Hence why hubby does not like me near anything with that much cuteness, he knows I become immediately attached). ha!!

  2. http://Mary%20R%20Snyder says

    Oh my — I just adore kittens. These are just precious…, I’m leaving before I go out and get a kitty.

  3. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    Ooooo…baby kitties! So sweet!

  4. http://Stephanie says

    So cute! I remember when my cat had kittens when I was in high school. She had them by C-section, so we got an early lesson in motherhood and had to bottle feed them until we got a foster mother cat.

  5. http://Beth%20at%20I%20Should%20Be%20Folding%20Laundry says

    Oh, these are so adorable. I’m so sad about the little grey kitty. Poor Mama.

    I needed this dose of cute today, THANK YOU!

  6. http://Loralee%20Choate says



  7. http://Darla~SassyHomemaker says

    My husband is extremely thankful we don’t live near TN right now cuz we’re at our “limit” of 2 cats but a kittyyyyy oh a kitttyyyyy…

  8. http://T. says

    Squeee!!! so cute! My daughter and I are sitting here squeeing, because how adorable are they??


  9. http://Tara%20@%20Feels%20like%20home says

    Aww! They could not be any cuter. I have four cats, but you’ve totally created some kitten fever for me. :)

    And I totally agree with you that teeny kitten hisses are riotously funny. They’re sort of on par with a two year old who tells me “No! Bad!” :)

  10. http://THE%20Stephanie says

    So what ARE you going to do with all of those kittens??

    Are cat (kitten!) got out the other night and I’m certain we will be in your “basket” soon. LOL

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