Keeping little hands occupied

When my daughter was little, we bought a home that had mirrored closet doors. She loved to hang around me and when I was getting ready I needed a way to keep her distracted and occupied. Purely by accident, I found that she could “paint” on the mirrors with hand lotion. She loved this and it made her smell good. Rather than cleaning it off every time, I left the lotion on for a few days (or years…) so she could continue her “painting” later. Just a little dollop goes a long way.

We later discovered that dry erase markers are wonderful for this too. My little ones have enjoyed sitting outside and drawing on the sliding glass window. Dry erase markers wipe off and wash out of clothes.

I know this all sounds very messy (and trust me – I have mess-issues just like the rest of you) – but really, it is such an easy clean up and for the amount of time they spend occupied entertaining themselves, its totally worth it.

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  1. Hmmm… I never would have thought of that!! Before I had kids I would have thought that sounded like a mess. But, now that I have kids, and you say that it keeps kids occupied, I think it sounds like a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Karla, we have a white dry erase board in our playroom, and when that marker gets on my kids’ clothes, I’ve had to throw them out. I’ve tried every stain treatment in the book — including soaking in bleach and using small amounts of chemicals that are banned by Homeland Security — and nothing has worked.

    What’s your secret?!? Because if they weren’t so lethal to clothing, I would let them use them more often and without Mom standing over them like a hawk.

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