Keeping children safe online

We keep our computer out in our family room, so my children are never alone when on the computer. But this year, with my daughter reading and using the computer more at school, she likes to look around while online. Again – I am in the room with her and she knows not to type in anything without my permission. But I was worried about her accidentally getting on to a site that I didn’t want her on. So I began searching for an excellent filter for our internet.

Enter: K9 Web Protection – Free Internet Filtering and Parental Controls.

Do you see that? It’s free! And it is excellent quality – doesn’t slow down your computer. You set the filter – not just high, medium or low, but actual topics. I have been so impressed with it.

And if there is a site that it blocks, you can enter your passcode to allow it, either for a given time or permanently.

I don’t know if y’all know (or even care) that I have a list of favorites and things I recommend. (you’ll see if over there to the left, under my picture, or click here.) This is definitely on that list.

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  1. http://Lady%20Why says

    That sounds really good! I’ll have to check that out.

  2. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    You beat me, Sistah!

    Good post!

  3. http://Vickie says

    I am going to check this out. We have a filter program now but I keep finding little flaws with it. Thanks for posting this information!

  4. http://Jennifer says

    I also have our computer in the living area, where I spend most of my time. We are homeschoolers, and I recently assigned a history time-line project to the girls and I printed out small images of historical people for them to paste into their notebook.
    I could not BELIEVE the kind of stuff that popped up under such innocent searches as “thirty years’ war,” or “queen elizabeth.” Most of the images would be fine, then boom, right there in the middle of all those medieval queens, well, you can only imagine.
    Just goes to show, you can’t be too careful.

    By the way, how shallow is this: I hopped over here because your profile picture is just beautiful! :) I felt compelled to come and “meet” you… and I did enjoy browsing for awhile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. http://A%20Stone%20Gatherer says

    Thanks for the info. I have a son that loves the internet. We have our computer out to, but we really need a filter. I can’t wait to show this to my husband.

  6. http://Monica says

    Me and my husband were just talking about this the other day. Your information came just at the right time. Thanks so much! It’s good to know that there are tool out there to help us navigate our children through things like this.


  7. http://ames says

    HOORAY FOR YOU! No really, good for you for being aware of the risks of the Internet and being proactive about discussing them and setting down rule with your kids. My day job is creating games and web sites that teach kids how to be safe online and most parents don’t realize how important setting down rules and discussing them with their kids is!

    You can avoid a lot of future problems by being proactive and by helping your kids understand that the Internet is great, but it’s also full of risks. You rock!

  8. http://TheKytiKat says

    Awesome! I’ve been wanting something like this…. Right now my kids have been taught to stick to NickJr, Sesame Street, and starfall… butt he 7 year old is starting to branch out to Lego, and hot wheels, and more… Glubble didn’t work for us as it was too invasive and frustrating. this looks like it will be great for my family! thanks for the heads up!

  9. http://Beck says

    Right now, my kids are only allowed to go to approved sites and they’re not allowed to do searches for anything. I think that in a little while, we’re going to need to install some filtering software as well.

  10. http://Ronnica says

    I wrote a paper for seminary on virtual worlds and realized that some are targeted just for kids! You can read about it here.

  11. http://Laane says

    I’ll inform the school of the children, because they still don’t use prtection.


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    Have a great day!

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