Keep your spam off of my Twitter

By now, we all know the value of Twitter. It is fun, exciting, informative a time suck and so useful. Unfortunately, spammers quickly saw that value as well and most users soon became inundated with automated bots sending requests to follow.

true twit

TrueTwit is a free site that will attempt to authenticate all followers who request to follow you. If it is recognized as a bot, the request will be rejected. It is only set up to authenticate any requests to follow AFTER you sign up for the service. Any spam accounts that you may already have will need to have a validation request manually sent to them.

It is still possible that a spammer can get through… but:

If a spammer is human, they will get through. The point of TrueTwit is to eliminate automated spam software from grabbing your attention. But as for now, if a user successfully fills out the CAPTCHA, they will be validated. We will be implementing a new feature to help with this issue in the future

It is quite simple to sign up. Simply fill in your Twitter user name and an email address. Then create a password for logging into the TrueTwit site (they do not need or ask for your Twitter password)

According to the About page,

TrueTwit is working on a system that will allow TrueTwit users to check for bots and spammers without using direct messages.  We expect to have this system in place soon.

It’s not perfect yet – there are still some kinks to work out. But it is definitely a step in the right direction. Spam is an unfortunate reality of the internet, and the less we have to deal with it the better.

(look for more answers to your questions on the FAQs page)


  1. hey,
    I for one understand completely the value of keeping spam out of the online experience, cause all it's about is wasiting everyones time and setting some up for a nasty fall.
    I can't wait till the time comes when its a serious crime to be a spammer and they will have software that will find the guy and have him put down.
    You guys are doing great, and have made my first days on twitter very productive.

  2. Dave that is a good question – email marketing and mobile marketing are both very far-reaching methods of marketing. The thing that has to be kept in mind is that your contacts need to be able to opt-in to your program. Otherwise, it will be seen as spam.

    Offer a newsletter… discounts… things that will be useful to your market. Then they will WANT to opt-in

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