Keep your hands off my plate

Yesterday, it was my computer that was under the weather. Today, it is me. I’m not really sick… But I’ve got the early signs of some sort of stomach ick. I’m hoping it doesn’t go any further; I have too much to do this weekend.

If my belly wasn’t feeling icky, I would gleefully be telling you about our dining experience last night.

I’ll go ahead and tell you about it, but the thought of food isn’t too appealing right now, so take all of my descriptions and multiply by one million. You’ll have the amount of my love for our dinner last night.

Sean has come home from work many times and will casually mention the scrumptious lunch that the doctors/drug reps/hospital provided for them. There is one in particular, that he’s mentioned, and every time he gets this flushed glow about him.

Finally, last night, he took us to THE PLACE.

Have mercy. It was good.

When we lived in Wisconsin, we lived about 40 minutes from the original Famous Dave’s (as in, the very first one). I’ve always loved Dave’s pulled pork and chicken. I developed quite a fondness for his BBQ-ing ways.

But I fear that my love has been diminished by another. Sean was not kidding when he’d gleefully describe their cheese biscuits with honey butter, the baked beans cooked to spicy perfection, the potato salad that made me want to dunk my head right into the bowl and not come up for air until it was gone. (remember, you are still supposed to be multiplying my descriptions by one million.)

And don’t get me started on the portions. Multiply regular portions by one million as well. And you’ve got an idea of their portions.

To say it was divine would be an understatement. Honestly, this is one place that I hope the kids don’t eat a good meal from.

‘Cause that will mean more for me!!!!

If you ever find yourself near a Jim n Nick’s RUN, I’m not kidding, RUUUN, Forrest RUUUN, and get yourself in there!

But if you see me in there, consider yourself warned. I might be too busy horning down the goods to stop and chat.


  1. http://Susanne says

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. http://jennwa says

    I too hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend.

  3. http://oh%20amanda says

    I do like Jim N Nicks! I could just get the cheese biscuits. YUM.

  4. http://Big%20Mama says

    I tried Jim N Nicks for the first time when I was in Birmingham and OH MY WORD, it was delicious.

    Now, I’ll be thinking about pulled pork and cheese biscuits all night.

  5. http://Beck says

    I think we have the same thing! No Fun. But at least you had a fun night out!

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