Just Like High School (almost)

I had bright purple streaks added to my hair today. Curious how long it will take the kids to notice (“Mom and her wild ideas…”) and then to ask for some of their own.



  1. That is amazing. I always wanted to add purple to my hair but never got around to it or my job wouldn’t allow it. I kind of thought I’d have to give up on the idea now that I’m a mom, not sure why though. You’ve inspired me.

    • You should do it, if you can, Abigail!

      A few things to know:

      1) The color can fade quickly, depending on your hair (mine is actually lasting really well, thankfully!). So start with a small section to check. I was going to just do the tips, but my stylist went ahead and did big chunks underneath.

      2) Purple lasts longer than the other bright colors (eg: pink, red and blue)

      3) The color can bleed into lighter colored hair. My top layer is blonder, which is why I added mine underneath.

      4) Taking a shower is very colorful! lol (see number 1)

      It really depends on hair and where it’s placed. I only wash my hair every third day, which helps a lot too.

      Let me know if you try it!

  2. That’s so fun!

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