Just call me Mrs. Hodge-Podge

I love looking around the internet. Maybe too much, as far as my time goes. There are so many things out there waiting to be discovered. And I’m here to help you find them!

*if you aren’t even remotely interested in this stuff, at least scroll to the bottom of the post to see info for my Holiday Par-tay recipe exchange*

I have some links to add for my “Keeping Christ in Christmas” list:

Christmas out of the Advent Box by Benjamin Husted. I haven’t read this book. But I am very interested in picking up a copy. It looks like a great resource for fully experiencing the Advent season.

The description on Amazon says: “Has Christmas become too generic, bland, commercial, or trivial for you? Do you want a fun, family-oriented Christmas season centered in Jesus Christ? The Husted family shares how they created their own Advent Box that gives them a Christmas season full of faith and family fun. This book gives you lots of helpful information and over fifty devotionals to get started on your own adventure toward reclaiming the Christmas season in your own home!”

Another book (which I have looked through) is Preparing My Heart for Advent: A Spiritual Pilgrimage for the Christmas Season by Ann Marie Stewart. Look for it after the holiday season and keep it for next year, because it starts in November and takes you through January.

Also, (and this book doesn’t come out until next September, but I can’t wait to take a look through it): What Do You Want for Christmas?: An Advent Study for Adults by James W. Moore

The Advent season can be such a lovely time if we just take the time to reflect and spend time with the Lord each day. I admit that I have fallen short in this area. But there is always time to start.

I’ve been seeing a lot of great ideas on other blogs that have inspired me for the Advent season. We are keeping it really simple this year.

Have you seen this lady around? Her name is Sandy and she can be YOUR personal assistant! (I LOVE this idea!)

The premise: You let her know what you need to remember, and she’ll remind you through emails/text messages. It’s very simple to use, but you’ll need to take a look around for yourself to get the idea. The website is so handy, with examples and ideas for how to use it (ie: “remember Pat’s wife’s name is Christine”) and a “try it” feature so you can see how it works.

Need an idea for a holiday party recipe? Try this: Dreamy Cream-filled Cupcakes. Or you can just look at this photo and drool…

FYI – I had a someone ask if I could do a holiday party recipe exchange, like Gobble Gobble. YES! I will – so pull out your favorite holiday party recipes: appetizers, drinks, finger foods etc. Whatever you like to take that is a hit!

I’m working on the button, but we will do it on Wednesday. I know it’s late, and most people have already been attending parties and decided what they are making. But play along. You know you want to!

So get ready for next Wednesday and check back over the weekend to grab a button to spread the word!


  1. http://Jenn says

    ;o) Thanks Karla!

  2. http://carrie*postma says

    you find the best lil nuggets online! thanks for sharing :0)

  3. http://Sgt%20and%20Mrs%20Hub says

    I got a total kick out of “Sandy”!
    The sad part is that she could and would probably save my life right about now since I can’t remember a THING! It’s really bad – my husband fears for my safety, I think :)

    I loved this post – I really appreciate all the info, especially the books.

    Those cupcakes…. amazing.

  4. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    OH! I want one of those cupcakes NOW. Sweet delicious chocolately goo, I’ve gone completely distracted.


    Fix me up a button and I’ll get to gobblin’ about next Wednesday’s recipe swap. ;)

  5. http://Fresh%20Girl says

    How funny — we just made those cupcakes, or some very much like them, today! ‘Cept we used milk chocolate frosting instead of the white.

  6. http://BlondeMomBlog%20(Jamie) says

    Those cupcakes look amazing!

    Did you design all your blog buttons? You are SO talented!

    I clicked over from Fabulous Mommy Fussypants. I am a Tennessee mama, too. ;)

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