Just a little bloggy bidness

I try really hard not to clutter my blog. I am very sensitive to the visual impact that too much stuff or even too little stuff, can have.

But I’ve recently added a few things to the sidebars of my blog that I wanted to make you aware of.

One is the Twitter box, over there on the left-hand sidebar. I’ve seen it on other blogs and though I still don’t really understand it, I signed up and have put it on my blog. Just call me Mrs. Lemming.

So, if you are a Twitter-er… please feel free to add me to your list. I don’t know how exciting my updates will be, or even how frequent, but you’ll get to have my cute little picture on your Twitter page.

Thrilling – I know!

Also, I recently added the ability to Ski*rt, Stumble, Digg or Reddit at the end of every post (this option also shows up in my feed now, so look for it at the bottom of each feed).

If you aren’t familiar with any of those sites, head over and take a look (but come back over here!) to see what they are all about. StumbleUpon is an addictive excellent site. I have found lots of great new sites to waste all of my free time read. I’m always adding new sites to my “favorites list” at Stumble. And I’m always up for Stumbling good blog posts too!

Again, if you Stumble or Digg, add me to your list, if you so choose. (I’m karpo at Stumble and karpo1 at Digg — if you have trouble finding me, email me and let me know.)

Finally, about a month ago, I added an Amazon widget over there on the left side bar. I have listed some of my favorite things. They range from old 80s music to craft books to beauty items. It’s a fun way to get to know me too. You can see how crazy my tastes are! Maybe you have crazy tastes too?!


  1. http://robzonenet says

    The URL you have for twitter is for the home page for you when logged in. For the public you need to put in this url: http://twitter.com/karpo

    Welcome to twitter. My name is robzonenet on there. :)

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