Joy to the world

He is my last born.

The one who made his arrival into my life unexpectedly.

Made his arrival into this world early.

He has brought me so much joy.

Merely by exuding joy himself.

Like when Ho Ho passed in front of our house for the Christmas parade.

And he waved at him.

I love how he expresses his joy without any consideration for appearance.

Or self-consciousness.

Just total in-the-moment-ness.

Joy to the world.


  1. These pictures are amazing and your words capture the essence of the joy a child brings into our lives and to the world. As a dad, I crave those “in-the-moment” moments where time seems to stand still, all the worries of my world fade away and my child draws me to that place where all I see is what truly is important.

    Thanks for this post that brought joy to my world this morning.


  2. I want to hug him….he’s so adorable. Great post.

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