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“We all do our best when others are watching.
But what about when no one is looking?
That’s where character comes in, giving us consistency when it’s just between God and us.

Courage. Discipline. Vision. Endurance. Compassion. Self-Sacrifice.
The qualities covered in this Bible study provide a foundation for character.
With this foundation and God’s guidance, we can maintain character even when we face temptations and troubles.”

If you care to join me, get your book (availableĀ here) before January 22nd, or check my blog the night before for the scripture to read. I will post the questions the next morning (the day of the discussion) and you can link to your answers on your blog, or put them in comments.

I will have a Mr. Linky for this, so we can interact with those involved in the study. In the meantime, leave a comment if you are interested or have questions. And spread the word!

I look forward to the growth the Lord has in store for us!

Blessings, K


  1. http://Heather says

    This book sounds very interesting and I totally agree with you about our character and who we are when no one is looking??? really makes you stop and evaluate your life and your CHARACTER. Thank you for helping me to remember that I need to consider my character and work on building a better one. I will keep looking for updates…and I might just get the book and join.
    Thanks for the invite! Have a great day!

  2. http://Dionna%20Sanchez says

    I wish I could! I value character and integrity so highly!!

  3. http://annb says

    I would love to be involved in the Bible study – thank you for the invitation! I will definitely be back.

  4. http://annb says

    Thanks for the link – I ordered the book and I’m ready!

  5. http://mistihollrah says

    I am joining in! I just ordered my book! This will be a great study.

  6. http://carrie*postma says

    looks like a great study!

  7. http://Anonymous says

    You know that I come back because I love you and want to be a part of what you are a part of. Mostly, I’m just enjoying seeing the ongoing growth in your beautiful Christian journey.
    You are still and always will be “My little girl”.
    Hugs and kisses,

  8. http://Karla says

    yeah! I am so glad to see people signing up for this!

    I am really looking forward to it!


  9. http://Terri says

    Looks great–I’ll be joining too! :)

  10. http://Sarah%20H. says

    hey this sounds great, but with all the medications I take I don’t think I will remember january 22nd. Could you drop by and leave a comment again??

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