I’ve met me a troll

I experienced my first troll over the weekend. I’ve received a bit of spam before, but never a deliberately negative and hostile comment. The comment wasn’t on this blog, but on another one I have. And I deleted it.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a troll, you’ve probably run the gamut of emotions about it. From anger, to irritation, to hurt feelings and back again, to indifference, to laughing at it.

It’s not like this is some revolutionary topic to blog about, but it takes on new meaning when it happens to you.

Have you encountered a troll on your blog? I’m curious how you dealt with it? Did you ignore it? Respond in a kind (kill-’em-with-kindness sort of way?) Or just flat out call them out?

This article at Network Blogging Tips came out the very day I was dealing with this.


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  1. I received two recently on two different posts. I didn’t know they were referred to as trolls…it’s appropriate.

    The first one I left up and received some very encouraging comments afterward. After that I decided to monitor my comments. That was what I had decided upon when I first started blogging…first nasty comment and I start monitoring.
    The second one I deleted.

    What was so interesting to me about both was that neither of them sounded as though the person had really read my post, just had blurted out the first inflammatory remark that came to mind.
    I didn’t personally respond to either one. They sounded as if they were looking for a fight and I am not interested in being in one.
    My other thought is, “this is my blog, my thoughts and views on life. If you have opinions you want to express go get your own blog. AND if you disagree that strongly with me, don’t read my blog.”
    Personally, I like the delete key.

  2. Experienced only once, and I deleted right after reading – reason being, I don’t know how to respond to him.

  3. R.L.Scovens says

    I haven’t experienced a troll yet, but I since I moderate my comments, I know it’ll never see the light of day!

  4. No trolls for me yet, but I don’t think I’m widely enough read for trolls :-)
    Sorry you dealt with that.
    Love the fresh springy header. Am I just now noticing it, yes. :-)

  5. I’ve only ever had one rude comment and the person who left it was my brother’s ex. I think she thought I wouldn’t know it was her. I left her comment up and responded to it in a post. That was an unusual situation though because I knew the troll. If a random rude person left a comment I would probably delete it.

  6. I had one. she was so subtle about it that it took me a whole YEAR to realize she was just trying to make trouble. I banned her I.P. address and haven’t had any trouble since. Thank goodness.

    By the way, I thought of your troll when I was at church yesterday. The sermon was about how mothers are to be revered, and full of biblical examples. I kept thinking of what your troll said, and of course he/she was so totally clueless. I only feel sorry for someone who doesn’t realize what a blessing it is to be able to identify oneself as a mother first and foremost.

    Anyway, sorry for hogging your comment section.

  7. Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    Oh, Karla, I’m sorry! That stinks.
    It sounds like you handled it gracefully.

    I haven’t had one at my blog (yet) but have been around message boards plenty long enough to have experienced trollishness.

    Some people, clearly, have too much free time!!


  8. Sister Honey Bunch says

    I have. My post was about letting go our sins from the past. The bad images of ourselves. I took an example from a Beth Moore bible study I was in and showed pictures of women wearing coats with different words on them like: fat, bankrupt, addicted, abused, etc. Wrote that we need to take the coats off and see ourselves the way God sees us.

    My troll said “Well, how do you do that when you’re fat, stupid and ugly like yourself Sister HB”

    Hurt my feelings. I deleted.

  9. Michelle Smiles says

    I’ve only had a couple in my couple of years of blogging. The adoption world tends to be kinder than blogging in general I guess. I left the comments up and my readers had my back in the comments. I usually choose to not acknowledge them but they haven’t been intensely personal so I’m not sure what I would do in that situation.

  10. Yes, I have. This is why I have chosen to not allow anonymous comments.

    I have also had to deal with plagiarism… a reader alerted me.

    As for the trolls, I always delete them. I think it shows who is in control of the space and I don’t want the troll comment to encourage negative dialogue.

    Sorry this happened to you!

  11. R.L.Scovens says

    Hi there! Following you on twitter! rlscovens

  12. I have one of these although she visits a lot less frequently now. I actually publish the comments and wait for my oh-so-kind readers to attack :) It makes things a tad more interesting. It used to hurt my feelings, now I think it adds a teeny bit of sparkle to the monotony once in awhile. :)

    I could never be a blogger though that gets tons of mean comments. I might have to head to therapy to endure that kind of abuse!

    Love you, Karla!

  13. I haven’t gotten my first troll yet, but I’m sure I eventually will. And when I do, it will wreck my day, and I’ll cry, and I’ll be sure to hit the delete button. It is the only reaction, in my opinion. Anything else just feeds the troll. I’ve seen a lot of hatefulness out on the internet, and I try to pray for those people to find God’s peace. There are lots of loving people posting out there, too, which is what keeps me coming back in spite of the presence of trolls. God bless.

  14. Aw sorry you had to deal with that – boo! You’re so cool, you don’t deserve it! I have no experience… my blog is too new to attract anyone yet :)

  15. His Girl says

    if you’re getting trolls, that’s a nice sign that you’ve “arrived!”

    the only advice I have ever heard on the subject is “don’t feed the trolls” and it’s my plan A for when I encounter my first.

    after crying, self doubt, and prayer, I’m sure.

  16. Michael Aulia says

    Sounds really bad.
    The only bad comment I had was something like “Your site’s colour is so bad that it makes me want to die” haha

    Was still trying to be nice to him though ^^

  17. I haven’t had this happen yet, but everything I’ve ever read on the subject says the best thing to do is ignore them. If the comment is embarrassing, delete it.

    Trolls want to fight. It’s hard to fight with someone if they’re completely ignoring you.

    Boy, trolls must have lots of energy. I barely have time to post NICE comments, much less spend time running around leaving nasty comments. :-)

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