It’s worse than candy…

I’m addicted¬†– I’ll admit it! Digital scrapping is awesome! I’ve wanted to try my hand at scrapping for a long time but when I’d get in the scrapbook aisle I’d stand there looking and looking and looking (and looking and looking and looking…) and my body would slowly shut down from overload. Now I can just design. Try it out and not worry about cutting something wrong and wasting it. If I don’t like it, I click “undo”. Simple as that.

Here¬†is the link for my new scrapbook page (for some reason i couldn’t get it to post here…)


  1. http://Em says

    Hey Karla! I am so totally excited to see pictures of the kids! We miss them so much! That digital scrapbook thing is a totally awesome concept, good job! Tell Abbie that i LOVE LOVE LOVE her new glasses and that she looks like a rockstar. I heard Quinny’s story about the time out and how God told him he was allowed to come out now. He is such a goober! Oh and Sham. looks JUST like Quinny. Awww… your kids are adorable as always! I think that Bible study sounds like a blast! Good luck with everything and tell everyone I say hello!

    *lots of love*
    *emily mccoy*

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