It’s the most wonderful time of the year

They came
They saw

They conquered.

Getting a photo of all four kids is not an easy task…
Christmas Eve 2007


  1. http://modmom says

    merry christmas lucky mama!
    congratulations! you’re one of my 50+ holiday giveaway winners, so please come by my blog + see what you’ve won + send me your mailing address :)

  2. http://dcrmom says

    It looks like a wonderful Christmas!

  3. http://stacey says

    i love their containers!

    would you mind coming by and weighing in on my urgent need :) i know you still do blogger and you have a cute 3 column page which i love. problem is, i can’t do all that stuff!

  4. They look like they had a blast. What a great day for them and you.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. http://Susanne says

    Love the pictures! I see even the cat got in on the fun. Your children are beautiful and it was nice to see a pic of you in there too!

  6. http://Christy%20~%20Central%20Air says

    What a beautiful family you have, Karla. Merry Christmas!

    A daily reader/lurker,

  7. http://robzonenet says

    Merry Christmas! The kids look like they had a great time! I love you all. Looks like sean has some grey coming in. Wow your hair is long!

  8. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    Oh, we have the same camo gun from Bass Pro Shop!

  9. http://Fresh%20Girl says

    What happy faces! Glad you had a good Christmas…we did, too. :)

  10. http://Jenn says

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas! It was fun seeing a different pic of you – what gorgeous long hair.

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