It’s like reading TV Guide… or not

We (as in: the kids) are still walking around with the ick. Yesterday was the grand opening of our church’s new Children’s Ministry area (which is absolutely beautiful). The kids had been looking forward to it for months but had to miss it. Seamus is still barking, though not as much. When he cries, it is this pitiful strain that breaks your heart. His fever came back last night. And he vomited in his bed from coughing.

Never a dull moment people. Never a dull moment.

Amazingly, I am still standing and have the wherewithal to share some utterly fascinating nothingness, such as what I am watching on tv.

Saturday night I found my new favorite show! Chuck, on NBC. It is smart and it is funny. Dramedy at its finest.

I missed the original airing, and the only reason I caught it Saturday was because I couldn’t find anything else on that sounded interesting. Sometimes things just work out right.

Seriously, if you get a chance – scratch that – make a way to watch it tonight.

And thanks to our OnDemand capabilities, I was able to catch up with Survivor.

This season is already proving itself to be the season that will be filled with all of those blurred out spots, since everyone is having to wear their undergarments around camp. Everyone had to leave behind their bags and take only what they were wearing – which was fancy shoes, dresses, skirts, nice pants and buttoned down shirts (just take a peek at the fancy promotional photo on the link above to see what they are having to wear).

I’m also interested to see how they portray Leslie’s Christianity. She has already walked out of a Buddhist ceremony rather than bowing down before false idols (you GO GIRL!). Then they showed her crying because she didn’t have her bible. Unfortunately, they will probably try to show her Christianity as some freaky, wimpy thing that turns her into a blubbering cry-baby rather than as something that fills her with hope. But all of us other Jesus Freaks know better.

That is about all I have been able to watch, because it is hunting season. That means that when Sean isn’t out in the woods, our tv is turned to something on The Outdoor Channel. We’ve been hangin’ out with Michael “Will Hunt for Food” Waddell (Realtree Roadtrips), Lee and Tiffany (Gettin’ Close) and Jim Shockey (Hunting Adventures). Personally, I enjoy them. But I’ll spare you the write-ups.

What are you watching this fall?


  1. http://Kelli says

    Top Chef
    Top Gear (BBC America- funniest show ev-ah)
    Doctor Who (BBC America)
    Stargate Atlantis (Sci-Fi)

    oh, and

  2. http://Cindy%20Swanson says

    Hi Karla…I just wanted to thank your for your encouraging comments on my post about my diabetes. The kind words of my fellow-bloggers mean a lot!

    By the way, did you see my post about the star of “Chuck,” Zachary Levi, being a Christian?

    Have a great day!

  3. http://Karla says

    Cindy — I did. In fact, that was the reason I even considered looking into the show!

  4. http://Beck says

    I thought Chuck was SO much fun!
    I watched The Bionic Woman last week, although I was sad that they changed the “running fast” sound effects.
    Looking forward to Pushing Daisies.
    Loving My Name is Earl.
    Meh about House this season.

  5. http://Shushan says

    I hear you about the colds, we’re just finally getting better from the ones we’ve had for more than a week!

    I don’t watch many regular tv shows. Did watch Dr Who in season, but lately its back to Rick Steves, History Channel specials, Mythbusters, Joy of Painting etc

    Susan in Va :)

  6. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Oh I’m sorry you’re icky! We are all just getting over it here, too. I seem to mostly blog at night when the TV is on, but in the background is usually TLC or the Food Network, though we watch The Office and a few other little things when we remember, too! Hope you’re all better soon!

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