The Intersection of (offline) Life and (online) Life [NHL TweetUp 2009]

If you read my last post (actually… it’s the one right before my Easter post, but I’m lazy and can’t figure out how to properly word its location…), you know that our family has become obsessed a big fan of hockey. (If you haven’t read it, then scroll down and read it. I’ll wait) And now, because of this newfound obsession hobby, my online and offline lives have intersected once again.

Last night, my family attended the Nashville area NHL TweetUp. All over North America, TweetUps were being held to kickoff the NHL playoffs. While our beloved Preds didn’t make it into the playoffs <sob> it was still a great chance to meet face-to-face with other obsessed fans who I have gotten to know through Twitter.

My little guy had his photo taken. He was representin’, yo!

declan at tweetup

We got to meet Mr. and Mrs. “Forechecker” (and their cute kids)

forechecker and mrsforchecker

We missed out on seeing Gnash. He came and went before we arrived. But how neat that the Predators actually got involved with the event (they also donated a lot of autographed items for giveaways)

If you want to read more about the NHL TweetUps and find out if there is one in your city (some cities are holding theirs later in the week), read here and here.

Thanks to the organizers and the Predators, for making this event a success!

View the photo set here.

(photo credit: loudestnoise)

If you have photos from one of the NHL TweetUps or attended, leave your link in comments. And follow me at Twitter (@karpo)

She speaks until the wee hours

So I just got back from this little thing you might have heard of: SheSpeaks.

To say that I enjoyed it doesn’t seem to adequately sum up my feelings about the experience. It is going to take me several posts over the next week.

When I arrived in Charlotte, I was met by the Nester (Nesting Place), who graciously opened her home to me. She is a doll and I totally want to be her BFF.

The next day we met her sister, Emily (Chatting at the Sky), for lunch. We were headed to a lunch organized by Robin at Pensieve, but went to the wrong location. It worked out well though, because Jo-Lynne (Musing of a Housewife) and Sarah (Genesis Moments) happened to be at the location we went to. I’m thankful for that because that was really the only time I got to see those two the entire weekend.

After heading to Target to buy a pump, (Yes – I was a fool and left my 9 month old, still nursing babe at home to take a bottle without taking a pump for myself. I would have made quite an impression at the conference. As it was, I have never before spoken so much about my hmm-hmm’s before, no sense in drawing even more attention to myself) Emily and I headed to the conference.

I got settled into my room and met my sweet roommate (then quickly excused myself so that I could use my Target purchase, because SWEET MERCY!! I couldn’t have taken it another moment!!!) before heading to the blogger reception. I met up with Emily, who was hanging out with Megan (WhadUSay) and Jami (Live Laugh Love). I saw a couple of faces I recognized in the crowd, but the room was so packed, I couldn’t get past my spot, right by the entrance. Emily and I went into the hallway where it was cooler, and began scoping out some WiFi. Sitting there in the hallway, Emily and I made her some contact cards to hand out.

(And I can tell you right now how Paris Hilton affords all of those fancy clothes: $9.95 for 24 hours of WiFi and $3.50 for a bottle of water from the room :::faints:::)

The sessions were amazing, and I will talk about those more in the days ahead.

But the women that the Lord brought into my life; placing us each in the same place at the same time. Takes my breath away.


And this is pretty much how we spent the rest of the weekend. Samantha (The Listener’s Post) is missing from the photo, but the night before we all sat up talking and giggling until 1:00 AM.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until I tell you about my speaker evaluation group and the sessions I attended and the worship. OH, the worship. So Divine.

My sweet friend

Yesterday, the always sweet and gracious, Meredith (Like Merchant Ships), hosted Alli (Mrs. Fussypants), Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) and myself for lunch.

This was my last time getting to hang with Alli for a long while, as she and her family are moving tomorrow. Fitting, because it was at Meredith’s house that I first met Alli in person. For months now, I have been packing up my kids and heading over to Alli’s house for weekly therapy hang out time.

I’d love to sit here and write a beautiful tribute to my girl. But frankly, I am in denial of it. We’ve known this day was coming for a long time. And now that it is here, I am acting like a child with my fingers in my ears.

Who would have thought that this silly platform we call blogging would net such amazing friends.

I will miss you, my friend. Can’t wait for the tides to turn for us and we can afford to head out on spa weekends together.

Mrs. Fussypants is birthin’ a baby *Updated at bottom*

Maybe you’ve heard this news already? Is it possible that anyone hasn’t?

I will be posting updates about the baby and also hosting Fight the Frump here this Friday. If you want to keep up with updates, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

We would have live-blogged it, but no wi-fi at the hospital. That could have certainly earned us some blogging awards, no?!

UPDATED: Baby boy #5 was born at 12:15; 7# 8oz! He’s a blondie. Mama and baby are doing well and she is resting. Be sure to head over to her blog and send your congrats!

Nashville Jig-a Jiggers

Last monday night, some of my blogging friends and I got together to rehearse this dance to perform for y’all. Enjoy! and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
(That Fussy sure can move – you’d never know she was almost 72 8 months pregnant!)

Don’t send a lame St. Patrick’s Day eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Malia, Amy, Lotus and Fussy