Internet woes

If you are following me on Twitter (you are. RIGHT?) then you may have seen me mention a couple of internet woes I am experiencing today.

@karpo: for some reason I am unable to open my Firefox browser. So I am having to use IE *gasp*, *cough*, *hack*

@karpo: on top of it, hubs was trying to protect our wireless last night and now I can’t use the wirelss. Have to actually sit in one spot. HORROR!! 

Must find some IT help!

I’ll see y’all in a bit. (NOT days or anything… just later on. My online time is cramped right now, so I’m having to use it productively. You know – be a grown up.)


  1. http://Jenn says

    Sorry to hear you are having problems! Hope it gets fixed soon!

  2. http://Elizabeth says


  3. http://Kelly%20-%20PTT says

    Ugh – I went through a major Internet/technology “glitch month” in February. So I feel for you! Hope all is well now. I wouldn’t wish that on any blogger!

  4. http://Samantha%20@%20the%20Listener's%20post says

    Hey Karla – do these internet woes have anything to do with email? Your emails have been ending up in my junk box (I think I’ve fixed that), but I’m wondering if mine have been showing up in yours, or if your woes have been affecting that, or if you maybe have figured out how weird I am and are trying to distance yourself, or if you’re not talking to me after the verse I posted on my blog the other day that has to do with our favorite subject, or if said lost emails weren’t really lost and have just offended you so much that you can’t bear to respond or…

    Just wondering. ;)

    Love you, mean it!


    (yes, you can totally delete this comment)

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