Instagrate for WordPress: not feeling it

So… I took some time to try out the “Instagrate for WordPress” plugin.

Ideally… it would have been perfect.

Unfortunately, all I probably accomplished with it was annoying my readers.

And I apologize!

I share so much of my life via Instagram, and I wanted to figure out a way to share it here, via my blog.

WordPress has made huge leaps in the upgrades to their app and I think it will do what I want, without annoying my readers with lots of random posts.
(*I did ask the plugin developer to create an option to post a ‘daily’ update… and he thought it was a great idea!!! [and THAT, I’d do!!])

So, my apologies for the crazy posts… Although it is indicative of my life, I need to figure out a tidier way to share my chaotic world.


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