Inner Fulfillment

Because I wasn’t able to get around online yesterday, I missed the fact that I was being posted over at another site I write for. Actually, that is pretty inaccurate… I hardly call what I do writing… more like rambling and not very interesting rambling at that. Also, I’ve only written for it twice, though I’ve been a part of it for a year. But I’m finally getting back in the swing of it.

In spite of the fact that I am a part of Inner Fulfillment, it is a lovely, inspiring part of the blogosphere. Daily devotions are posted every day. A perfect site for your quiet time. Subscribe to it through your feed reader and you can have it sent right to you.

My post is yesterday’s (the 13th).

Let me know what you think!


  1. http://Cyndy says

    I know I should probably comment over at your other post but I’m going to be a rebel and comment here.
    Your post was such a good reminder for me. Last night I went to bed worrying about my blog, of all things, and of course had dreams about it.
    Now, blogging is fun and all that, but it is hardly worth worrying over.
    Thank you for the precious reminder that worrying is really a waste of time and flies in the face of trusting Him.

  2. http://Ruth says

    going over there right now to read your literary works.

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