In the company of cheerful ladies

One of the things that I signed up for during the SheSpeaks conference was the speaker evaluation.

Prior to attending, we had received information advising us that we were going to be giving 2 talks: the first – a three minute my story talk. The second – a five minute teaching talk on a scripture.

On Friday night we gathered into the room where our first evaluation would take place. I was fidgety but quickly hooked myself onto Dara, a woman with an amazing warm smile. She became my cheerleader.

I had prepared my speeches and gone over them. But on Friday afternoon, I began feeling the urge to tweak mine. Obviously, this did nothing to help me prepare. So even though I was telling something dear to me, I had not practiced my delivery of it.

pffft… don’t try that. It doesn’t work. {Word of advice: don’t change your speech at the last minute.}

However, I had such a gracious, amazing evaluation group, that I probably could have stood up there and just said "ummmm" over and over and they would have found 10 encouraging things to say about it all.

 speaker evaluation group SheSpeaks

I joked with all of these women that they lied when they said they were beginners, because seriously: top-notch. All of them. Two people in the group had been on Oprah and one had had a Lifetime movie made about her story. Another had been a runaway. One had been delivered from a lifestyle filled with drugs. Yet another has already started a successful ministry, working with women. Each and every woman in this group had witnessed, first hand, the Lord’s restoration and healing.

I was truly ministered to and touched by these women. Study the faces in that photo. I’m sure you will see each of them doing big things. (including ‘lil ol me)


  1. http://Sarah%20(GM) says

    Hey – just linked to you. You are an awesome woman all by yourself — so incredibly gracious! You will make an awesome speaker if that is what God is leading you to do.

  2. http://oh%20amanda says

    How cool! What a great opportunity. I’d love to (and be terrified) to do that!

  3. http://Abbreviated says

    I’ll blog, write letter to the editor…but terrified of public speaking.

  4. http://Lysa%20TerKeurst says

    Marybeth kept bragin’ and bragin’ about what a great group she had. Now I see why.

    It was so great to have you at the conference this year.

  5. http://I%20Can%20See! says

    Hello my friend! Wow…my name is mentioned in a blog…I have hit it big time!
    You are worth more than 10 encouraging things to say!
    much love and prayers to you as you continue the journey/adventure God has set before you!

  6. http://~%20Straight%20Shooter%20~ says

    So very, very glad you went to be renewed, rejuvenated and restored! Now you can pour it out to us! have a fabulous weekend Karla.

  7. http://Jenn says

    I enjoyed reading about your group! I also was excited to receive your email about you being ready to be used by God to speak to women and teens. I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in your life! Praying for you. :o)

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