In Memory Of…

┬áMandy, our sweet kitty, died last evening. Sean and I were with her ~ it is one of those things that you hate to watch but that you know you shouldn’t miss. After all, she loved being with her family and brought us lots of joy and kitty snuggles. She was an awesome cat and we will miss her. It was hard to see her deteriorate, but that is not how we will remember her. It will be like this.


  1. Anonymous says

    sorry about Mandy , The girl next door and having to settle in all the way arround .Renae , the kids and I have been there and you are in our prayers . as for pie pan chicken . I am glad to here your stuff is there so you may cook better .We all love and miss ya all
    very much

  2. Karla,
    I am sorry about Mandy… Those cats certainly have been a journey of a lifetime with you!!!!
    I can still little Miss No Nappin, dressed in her underwear, chasing those cats around and grabbing their tails…..all the while screaming at the top of her lungs….
    Love you!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Sorry about Mandy. I’m glad I gotto see her last Tuesday. take care and we love ya. Pop

  4. Beth Wolfson says

    Hi Karla,

    So sorry to hear about Mandy.
    God, I remember when you 1st brought her home, just like yesterday!
    I know how tough it is; they’re just like little humans :-(

    Seems like everything else is moving along nicely for you guys.

    Love, Beth

  5. Robzonenet says

    Sorry about Mandy. She was great.

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